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  • borsdel

    borsdel - 2012-04-29


    I'm from Germany and would like to try unicenta opos in my little bistro with
    just a few tables.

    I recently installed unicenta 2.80 (and 2.60 on a different account because of
    the german localizations; don't know if they work with 2.80 properly) and
    everything runs fine :) A big thanks to the developers.

    But there's one issue: For take-out, take-away, carry-out there is less tax on
    food here in Germany. Everything in the bistro (food+drinks everything) has
    19% VAT. If it is a take-away order only the food items have 7% VAT. The rest
    is still 19% VAT.

    So is there a simple way to have a second VAT on only food items? I don't want
    have the items twice in my catalogue.

    As I understand with the taxes categories you have to define customers.
    Perhaps I can create a take-away customer who gets 7% on the items which have
    a second VAT?

    Your help is much appreciated


  • uniCenta

    uniCenta - 2012-04-29

    Hello borsdel

    Yes. Setup a Customer as Take Away and apply an appropriate Customer Tax

    uniCenta oPOS uses same logic as Openbravo POS.

    Take a look here:



  • borsdel

    borsdel - 2012-05-02

    Hello Jack,

    thanks for your reply :)

    I read the openbravo manual on taxes but got more confused. So i tried a bit
    and this is what i got working:

    I created an takeaway customer and a customer tax category. Then i created two
    tax categories for food and drinks and it all ended in four taxes

    food 19%

    foodout 7% (with customer tax category selected)

    drinks 19%

    drinksout 19% (customer tax)

    That did the trick, yeah :)


  • uniCenta

    uniCenta - 2012-05-03

    Hello bordsel

    You got it!

    Well Done!



  • borsdel

    borsdel - 2012-05-06

    Hello Jack, hello community,

    I did some further testing and it doesn't work as expected. määh

    In Germany it's maybe a bit stupid, but very common that the selling price for
    the customer is the same whether take away or not.

    Unicenta adds taxes to the basic price thus the customer (take away or not)
    gets different prices.

    I also searched the openbravo forums and there are similar problems. I think
    the main logic problem in my head that I expect selling prices with taxes

    So I'm stuck for the moment. Any suggestions?

    best wishes


  • roverchippy

    roverchippy - 2013-08-05

    did you ever find a solution to this problem?

  • sunnytang

    sunnytang - 2013-08-06

    you can define a script and write "take-away price difference" and "take-away tax rate difference" in property of the product. When the customer is going to take-away, run the script and offset the different of the take-awy and normal sale.

    Another solution is to rewrite the application and add more prices and taxes option for a product. For example, two modes: normal mode and take-away mode. normal mode use the normal price and normal tax, take-away mode use its corresponding price and tax.


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