Customer origin review during sale

  • paul

    paul - 2013-11-10


    i am thinking about a very nice Feature which everybody for sure know from other big companies:
    during payment often you have been asked from which town(zip) or area you are from.
    This information the companies Needs to improve their Advertising.
    We are in a Tourist area and i would like to know from which Hotel the customer is coming, so if i might be able to hit during purchase a select field in which are all Hotels in my Zone are implemented i could "connect" the sale to this Hotel and so i could maybe generate later a Report to have an idea which Hotel has the most customers/most sales etc..

    Do you understand?

    maybe someonle else interested in such a Feature or is something like this already existing?

    Kind regards,


  • paul

    paul - 2013-11-23

    Hey guys,

    nobody also interested in such a Feature or maybe nobody understand what i mean?

    I would like to have a function to choose before finishing a payment from a select list (created individually) a Name of a Location (Hotel Name, postal code, town Name or whatever..).
    This additional information will be saved in db coresponding to the payment, so that it is possible to create a report which shows the sum of all sells of a Location - the best Location first f.ex. and so on..

    that could be very interesting to improve advertizing.

    Please respond and give ideas...


  • Minor Alfaro

    Minor Alfaro - 2013-11-25

    I did this to a department store who wanted to know how much a salesman is saling. I used the setPerson script and created a report. I modified the setPerson script to show me a drop down list with the salespeople list and then the cashiers choose from there BEFORE payment.

    If the ticket is printed, the sales is recorded to a salesman and the report can be printed.

    Pretty much the same, but you have to select it before printing, not during the payment.

  • Kondorius

    Kondorius - 2013-11-26

    have you tried adding all customers as a user. There is room in the user files for zip and other info. I may be too time consuming for your purpose. You could also try adding a sales category called hotel. add a hotel to the cart before checkout. You could probably set the auxiliary items to a drop list of the hotels. That might work for you.

  • paul

    paul - 2013-11-26

    thanks for that answers, but everything not really nice!
    I think this is a professional function - every big market ist aksing is aksing their customers where they are from... - and especially in tourism zones this could be very interested.
    I will post it again in Feature requests - lets see what happens...

    Kind regards,


  • paul

    paul - 2014-04-03

    Hey guys...

    again a reminder to this Feature.

    still no other ideas ?

    Kind regards,


  • Ron Isaacson

    Ron Isaacson - 2014-04-06

    Hi Paul,

    Do you use the Customers feature? If you're in a tourist area, I would guess not. My suggestion then would be to create a customer entry for each hotel. Each time you make a sale, ask the person what hotel they're staying at, then attach the sale to the "customer" entry for that hotel.

    If you have a barcode scanner and want to save time at checkout, you can print a sheet with the barcodes for each hotel and keep it next to your cash register. Then just scan the barcode for that hotel and it will attach to the sale automatically. (There are several websites which will convert a customer card number, like c123456789012, into a printable Code128 barcode.)

    Now all of your "reports by customer" will really act as "reports by hotel" which I think is what you want. Please let me know if this is unclear and I'll try to explain it better!


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