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UniGNUPlot 2.0.0 D Available

The new Version of the UniGNUPlot 2.0.0 X series is now available, with the Config Dialog you can now choose colors, printer and language. Also you can now plot with the GNUPLOT contour param.
The file is called unignuplot-2.0.0D.tar.bz2
To download the latest version:

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2003-01-02

UniGNUPlot 2.0.0C Released

The UniGNUPlot 2.0.0C now is released, this is a pseudo-major release, with the language selection enabled, and the lang_xx language definitions contributions available, the actual language support are:

And it's growing up!... Actually the pdf and txt how to draft are supported in:

Other languages still in the translators desk...... read more

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-26

UniGNUPlot 2.0.0C the multilanguage starting

Dear friends, specially translators, i just started the multilingual support, it will be ready soon very soon, in this new "minor" revision the language will set by user selecting from the file menu the desired languaje.
This review will no cost aditional "code modifications" the language file it's really so simple as edit a file with the new improvements, the user or translator who want's modify or add a language only will edit a single file and then it's almost done.
So with that improvement the translatios "in the program" will be more easy to mantain.... read more

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-07

Translations When...?

All the translations will be available as soon as will be finish, but the fact is: The translations inside the Program Will apear when the Version 2.0.1 Alpha will be released.
In the planed version the Language will be set by user and the mesages will change. Not impresive but usefull.

About the Draft?
The draft indeed is a draft because it's not complete at all, few minor changes

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-05

Polish translation Started

Our friend Nikl has started the Polish translation to UniGNUPlot, in this moment all the translation will be for documents available at the release moment.

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-05

UniGNUPlot 2.0.0 Beta Release

The new UniGNUPlot 2.0.0 Beta release is already in the download section, have a lot of improvements. UniGNUPlot is an easy-to-use Tcl/Tk front-end to GNUPlot.

The version Still beta will change so soon this current status, new menus will be fully functional.

As well the PDF howto draft is released...


Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-05

Translators Volunteers

Niki (English to polish)
Max (English to russian)

The volunteers group is growing up!

If you are interesting to be the Official Translator to any language please ask us...
this is our forum

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-04

Text translators

Many thanks to Giorgio (From Italy) and Gnther Baumann (Germany) for it's response to the Doc Translation

Best regards

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-11-01

UniGNUPlot Plug-in

The UniGNUPlot Plug-in will be available soon, it's no mayor part of the main program, but with that, you can use the main screen to select a program -related- and manipulate the data and/or ploting.
For Example the "Animating Plug-in" will animate the current graphic but the code will not be in the main program, it'll reside on the PLUGIN directory... Obviously the related documentation about how to write UniGNUPlot PLUGINS will be put together.
This minor update will apear in the next 2.0.x Series ... read more

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-10-11

3D Rotation

Yesterday i finished the X & Z axis 3D Gaph rotation, it's more easy than th other versions.
*Refine some minor details
*Start the Plug-In module
*Write more documentation
*The new printing interface.

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-10-11

UniGNUPlot 2.0.0. Almost Ready

Here is all what it's done at the moment.
**October 9 2002
--Now i can put labels any where, double click on the desired region,
fill de text... and it's all!
--Can use the GNUPlot save command, with that option you can save the
current graphic and use it in other computer with GNUPlot,
indeed if you haven't UniGNUPlot.
--The 2.0.0 Ranges Ready
--The 2.0.0 Main labels Ready
--The 2.0.0 Plot type selection Ready
--The 2.0.0 Lines, points, etc, selection Ready
--Many bindings: Just put ranges, lines and other thinks and the plot
will be updated at the moment... read more

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-10-10

UniGNUPlot 1.0.3en Released

The corrected Colors Scheme version of UniGNUPlot, known as SGIGray76 -no on all rgb.txt X-files Was corrected yesterday and it's now available, in our download page.

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2002-10-09

help wanted

<UniGNUPLOT> I need help with the test and port to WinDogs 9x.
Please contact me

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2000-07-18

Working on...

UniGNUPlot more stable, version 1.0.1 Released. tested on Linux 2.4.0Test5Pre1, and wish 8.0
BugFixes, and more easy to plot...

In WinDogs 9x, if an error has occurred, the message will not display ?

Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2000-07-18


We will upload very soon the principal pages and the Sources for UniCalculus...


Posted by Cederik L. De León Acuńa 2000-06-17