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CVS tree.

The main CVS tree is now here. Unfortunately due to some problems with the CVS system, accessing the revisions and branches by remote CVS doesn't appear to be working. Due to this only the 0.3 (current working/HEAD) branch is open. Also some of the larger updates broke with "Broken pipe", leading me to accidentally leave the CVS log entries out for the subsequent entries.

Posted by Jukka Santala 2000-08-25

What the heck "Unified"?

Well, this project was actually titled back when it was still the same basic codebase as DALnet. The SorceryNet ircd had already branched off this project, and DALnet started making modifications that weren't to the benefit of non-DALnet networks. "Unified" was supposed to bring up the best ideas of all the DALnet splinter-networks together in one easily configurable package that could more easily be adopted by non-DALnet networks, and maybe catch up with the further development of Undernet.... read more

Posted by Jukka Santala 2000-08-21

Don't know what IRC is?

You should read the FAQs in documentation area. However, most people probably can't bother clicking around too long, so here's a brief introduction to those who are new to IRC: Internet Relay Chat is a real-time text-oriented discussion system based on distributed server architechture. Messages from clients connected to each server are routed over to others based on shared state-data for connections and discussion groups (channels). There's an elaborate set of discussion management/moderation commands and options that contribute most of IRC's complexity. Altough IRC:ing by telnet is technically possible, most people use clients such as mIRC to connect to the servers. http://www.mirc.com

Posted by Jukka Santala 2000-08-21

Dreamforge on SourceForge... ;)

Opened the Dreamforge project on SourceForge... Note that SourceForge is most often written with upper-case middle initial; if anybody does that with Dreamforge, I'm going to kill them... No, really ;) On other note, even my initial intention back when I started on Dreamfdorge was to work on a "standard" set of extensions that different IRC networks and clients could implement, so the primary product of this project _is not_ the source-distribution (Reference implementation) but the protocol extensions/specs. Ofcourse we strive to make the source-drop as useful as possible... but does that require us to abandon the old base source? Is there interest in Yet Another ircd dist?

Posted by Jukka Santala 2000-08-21

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