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undvd now in perl

As undvd has evolved, it has become increasingly inconvenient to run the script in bash. It's difficult to maintain, bash has poor support for common programming language constructs, and it's more error prone than it should be. To give undvd a future beyond what it currently is it was necessary to base it on a new language.

Perl was chosen as the new language, because it provides good support for the needs of undvd. undvd-0.7.0 is the first release in perl.... read more

Posted by Martin 2008-10-05

Ubuntu releases now via ppa!

Until now packages for Ubuntu have been released on From now on, on a test basis initially, they will also be available from my personal package archive (ppa), which means a standard apt repository you can sync with and receive updates from as they occur, without having to check sourceforge periodically.

Here are the lines to append to your sources.list file:
deb gutsy main
deb-src gutsy main... read more

Posted by Martin 2008-04-04

undvd now in Gentoo Linux!

undvd has just recently been included in portage on Gentoo Linux, so now all you have to do is the mythical `emerge undvd`.

For other users undvd releases include packages for Ubuntu and Fedora.

Posted by Martin 2007-12-18