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ircu2.10.12 entering code freeze

The next release of Undernet ircu, u2.10.12, is entering code freeze. This means that only critical, show-stopper bugs will be fixed. Other minor "presentation" bugs and all enhancements will be held until the first patch release.

Posted by Kevin L. Mitchell 2005-09-15

Undernet Coder Committee web page redesign contest


The Undernet Coder Committee would like to announce a contest:
We are seeking entries for a redesign of the Coder Committee web page.

Contestants should place their design on a publicly accessible web server and submit the URL to coder-com@undernet.org no later than June 15, 2005.

Entries may include the author's name or nickname in a page footer. The Undernet logo and button bar need not be a part of your design, as they will be added.... read more

Posted by Reed Loden 2005-05-20

ircu2.10.11.07 released!

The Undernet Coder Committee is pleased to announce the release of
ircu2.10.11.07. This latest version of the Undernet IRC server
software is largely a bug-fix release. A summary of some of the
changes is listed below. For more details, refer to the ChangeLog,
which you may find on the download page.

* Several bug fixes: prohibit ',' in channel keys; fix crash on /stats
g; fix the configure check for epoll(); disallow invites to
non-existent channels; removing -l from a channel shouldn't gobble
an argument; G-line logging fixed; don't relay &channel
messages/notices to or from other servers; hide local channels for
"non-local" /whois (broke HIS); don't allow banned users to set a
topic in a channel; mark listeners as server ports before attempting
to bind the port.... read more

Posted by Kevin L. Mitchell 2004-09-18

ALERT: Configuration file crash bug

Certain malformed configuration file lines can lead to unpredictable crashes. This bug is not exploitable by an IRC user, but has resulted in a lot of email to the Undernet Coder Committee.


The server configuration file consists of several lines, each starting with a single letter, followed by a colon (':'), followed by several fields, each separated by another colon. Except for connection classes (designated as "Y-lines"), the first three fields of all configuration file lines are strings, represented in the C with pointers. Empty fields are represented with NULL pointers.... read more

Posted by Kevin L. Mitchell 2003-02-04

ircu2.10.11.04 released

Undernet's IRC daemon, verision has been released. This is a stable release and fixes some minor presentation bugs, as well as adding a couple of minor features.

Posted by Kevin L. Mitchell 2003-01-10

ircu2.10.11.03 released

Undernet's IRC daemon, version has been released. This is a stable release and fixes several nasty desync bugs as well as fixing several minor bugs and adding a few minor features.

Posted by Perry Lorier 2002-12-15

Undernet's IRCU daemon version released

Undernet's IRCU daemon is the IRC daemon used by The Undernet Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. This update fixes one critical bug, and introduces some minor new features.

Posted by Perry Lorier 2002-10-10

SourceForge migration

The Undernet Coder Committee has completed its migration to the services kindly provided by SourceForge.net.

Posted by Kevin L. Mitchell 2002-10-03

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