There are multitudinous reasons why this will never happen, at least in this form. The first is that Undernet servers, unlike some smaller networks, are always locally managed. The second is that I do not like the entire SNOMASK system--I would much prefer to move to a server notice channel system. The third is that, on large servers, there are so many server notices that it could significantly increase the network traffic leaving the server. The fourth is security considerations--you don't want most users to be able to see these notices, which is the reason we removed most of +s from users.

If we do replace the SNOMASK system with server notice channels, I'm willing to consider providing the configuration support necessary to map server notices to specific global channels--up to this point, I was thinking only of static, local channels, like &GLINE, with special modes that could make them be oper-only. I still don't think it's a great idea, but I can understand the arguments. I might suggest, though, that you could achieve the same benefit by starting up a management bot on each server that relays server notices to a global channel or set of channels. Or for that matter, simply configure logging on the servers.

Note that I'm not wholly against adding features that benefit small networks--I added some interesting code in the alpha that will likely never be used on Undernet, but which small networks might find beneficial--but I'm not willing to add features that benefit small networks while causing detriment to larger networks like the Undernet.