#101 allow VERSION/TIME/RPING request to all servers

Commands (31)

When tracing a timestamp problem, or just for checking up on the server clocks on the network, it would be really handy to allow TIME * for opers to travel to all servers on the network. This saves the oper from having to issue many commands, and makes it lots easier and quicker to see the results. For one as the oper doesnt have to go manually over the server list, or even when a script is used, still having to sent off many individual time requests.

The same would be handy for VERSION, allowing an oper to easily get a complete overview of the server versions on the network (including some configuration details included in the version reply).

This could be done in two ways, 1) the server sends off requests for each individual server (backwards compatible, uses more traffic), or 2) the server sends off a request with target * (not backwards compatible, less traffic). Or a mix to ease transition, where first method 1) is used and 2) can be parsed, then in a later ircu version switch completely to method 2).

I was pondering what other commands would be useful with such feature, obviously commands that yield a lot of information, say INFO would be too spammy. But perhaps RPING could use it, allowing an oper to easily get a complete overview of link latencies from one server to all other servers (not the same as AsLL). Anyway, for TIME and VERSION this would be really handy I think, for RPING, well not so sure, just thought I would mention it too.


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