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UCPP subproject

Not really uncodex related, but it reuses some of the uncodex code.

UCPP is a UC PreProcessor, more information can be found here:

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2005-06-10

UnCodeX Version 227 Released


UnCodeX is powerful tool for developers using UnrealScript. It provides
an easy way to browse, search and analyze the UnrealScript source.
Additionally, UnCodeX can create detailed HTML documentation from the
UnrealScript source, just like JavaDoc can do for Java source code.

This version has been in development for almost a year, or at least the
last stable version is almost a year old. A lot of changes and
improvements have been made, too much to list here. The improvements
includes support for the UnrealEngine games by Irrational Games: Tribes:
Vengeance and SWAT4. An other new element in this version is the ability
to extend the functionality of the program by the means of RemObjects'
PascalScript.... read more

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2005-05-02


I've just submitted some changes that will allow you to create a working build of the commandline version using the FreePascal compiler on a linux system.
That means that all the case issues have been resolved. The error output isn't great, you need to use the -l to create a log file and analyse that for the error. I will need to improve that.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2005-03-18

Version 213 beta bleeding edge

Version 213 can be downloaded from the UnrealWiki page: http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/UnCodeX

A new official release should be available soon, I have to complete a few more things for the Tribes:V support before I'm going to release a new setup.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2004-11-19

FreePascal support

The commandline utility (ucxcu) can now be compiled with the FreePascal compiler ( http://www.freepascal.org ). A project file for Lazarus is included in the repository.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2004-10-20

sf.net project page

Initialized the project page on SourceForge, soon I will move the CVS tree of UnCodeX to SourceForge but first I'm going to refactor it.

Posted by Michiel Hendriks 2004-09-29

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