UnBBayes-MEBN 3.0.1-ALPHA released!

We are proud to announce that we have finally made it! Now it is for real! Our first release of UnBBayes-MEBN is available in version 3.0.1-ALPHA.

We would like to remember all that this is an alpha version, and as so, some bugs and limitations are expected.

If you would like to help us or give us some feedbak, please get in touch with rommel.carvalho@gmail.com and ask for our evaluation form we created to collect data from alpha and beta users.

Some features:
-Friendly GUI for PR-OWL/MEBN modeling;
-Reasoner for MEBN;
-Pseudo-code for dynamic CPT creation;
-Algorithm for SSBN generation;
-FOL sentences;
-Report of the SSBN generated;
-And more...

Thank you all for your interest!

UnBBayes Team!

Posted by Rommel Novaes Carvalho 2008-02-29