Heparll examle

  • Mario Cypko

    Mario Cypko - 2011-12-05


    I would like to know something why something is like it is.

    In this example we have a node called "sex". Means the sex of a patiant.

    1. What I dont understand is, why we use here boolean states?
      I think its right that the boolean state true stand for male, false for female
      and absurd for unknown, is this right?

    Why do we dont use category states called male and female?

    1. The most resident nodes have at the boolean states "absurd" as well as "true" and "false". I belive in some cases its important to have also "absurd", but if you have an patient, (for example) you will know the sex of this person, so why do we have here also "absurd". Is it just for the case to see how the probability would change independent of the knowledge of the sex? ("absurd" is everywhere 0% so it never influence the probability)
      Does it have some different appreciation?




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