aren't the dll/cpl files used for the non-textmode part? (i mean the part where the rest of the drivers (audio, video, ... ) is installed ?

i guess you could just put them in some folder like e.g. site/win_drivers, and use the driver selection script from Pierre so the correct path will be included...

Michael De Groote

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 6:57 PM, tovis <> wrote:
At last I have figure out which entry int the txtsetup.oem cause all my
dll = disk1,SilSupp.cpl

If I exclude this, driver installing smoothly, exclude in gui part, when
it does not found (it looking for somewhere in the "oemdir"). Quickly I
was realized that this file is pointed by "si3125r5.inf", and remark all
references. Installation goes fine, no interaction need :) - but
SilSupp.cpl is not installed at all. Any suggestion?
Eyes of my enemy! After so many time struggling I have found this article:
(I was really happy when I realized, that my Squeeze, using UTF8 US_en
locale quite good handle Hungarian file names, but still give me English
error and warning messages)
By the way, I do not know how to automate installing of dll/cpl from text
mode driver package - some how it should be get from inf files, where to
put this file - but after collecting drivers by unattended system I do not
know where is it put pnp driver (for now it's andur directory drvscan/2)
Also I have pointed out, that I need only [MassStorageDriver],
[OEMBootfiles] section do not need. Push F6 button also do not need in
this case :)
Next task may be to build up a "combined" txtsetup.oem for several mass
storage drivers.
But how to install missing cpl/dll files still a question!


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