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umtsmon: 0.8 released

This program is to control your UMTS PCCard: enter SIM PIN code, send and receive SMS and control/monitor the network connection.

umtsmon 0.8 has a lot of new features:
* much improved profile support
* internationalization support
(Dutch and German are nearly 100% done, most other languages
are still non-existent or in early stages)
* traffic statistics - per profile, for home and roaming, including warnings
* many small and larger UI fixes
* improved support for several devices
* improved autodetection
* many bug fixes... read more

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2008-03-14

umtsmon 0.7 released

The 0.7 release comes with a new autodetection system for the cards. Several new cards are detected and many cards are detected more reliably. The code is also much better maintainable.
Once a card is detected, it will be remembered in the config file.

umtsmon 0.7 also comes with an improved UI and many small fixes that improve the usability of the application - including logging output of a failed PPP connection, notification that a profile needs saving and a new radio preferences dialog.

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2007-10-11

UMTSmon 0.6 released

Well, this is the 0.6 release of umtsmon... Finally.
Sorry it took so long, apart from everyone being busy, Klaas got into the hospital and we had some hardware issues to fight.

This is probably the stablest umtsmon ever - for all 100% supported cards.
If you own a single port serial card (XU870, GC79, most Sierra Wireless), this release will finally work for you - but don't try to do things with
umtsmon whilst you are connected (like the sms or info dialogs) - umtsmon will crash.... read more

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2007-05-25

umtsmon in the news: linux user 2007/03

The German Magazine Linux User 2007/03 will feature an article about
UMTS data cards.
Apart from explaining how the hardware works, they also discuss the
Linux software - comgt and umtsmon. The latter even gets its own topic!

What does this mean to umtsmon?

* First of all: recognition from the press: thanks everyone!

* Secondly: we have work to do - they mention several things
we need to work on. part of those (hardware detection / support)
is already on the roadmap, part will be added to the plan soon.... read more

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2007-02-13

UMTSmon 0.5 released


I'm very happy to release umtsmon 0.5.

Change Log:
* The UI has seen a huge revamp
* umtsmon no longer needs to be suid
* implemented: change pin code
* implemented: enable/disable usage of PIN
* new hardware support:
autodetection of:
- Option 'ICON' USB box
- 4G Systems 'Web n Walk' USB box
- Original Option Vodafone 3G card
* many small fixes

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2007-01-23

UMTSmon 0.4 released

We just released UMTSmon 0.4, a QT-based GUI application that is used to configure and use
3G (UMTS) cards for Linux laptops.

0.4 is a feature release, containing several new and exciting features:
* improved hardware support:
- newer Nozomi drivers that use /dev/nozomi*
- Huawei E612
- Novatel U630
* improved PIN Handling
* PUK handling
* persistent settings
* the ability to use multiple dialup profiles
* the ability to start PPP connections from umtsmon
* layout works correcty on several plattforms now
WARNING: Known security issues for PPP connections, please read the Release Notes.... read more

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2006-11-28

presentation on UMTS and Linux at NLUUG conference

Hi all,

Last week, I held a presentation at the NLUUG autumn conference 2006. Slides plus paper are available from

For everyone not attending the presentation, the slides probably do not contain much information, but the paper covers all topics discussed at the conference.

Have fun with it!

Klaas van Gend

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2006-09-17

UMTSmon 0.2 released

Hello world,

I just released UMTSmon 0.2.
This new release brings mostly things that are not immediately visible to the end user.

However, umtsmon should not perform much better autodetection of cards - mainly Option cards for now.

There are also command line options now to override autodetection - for example if you are using a mobile phone with USB instead of a PC card.

Happy surfing, and please drop me a line with your remarks!... read more

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2006-07-07

UMTSmon gets a little attention

UMTSmon is now linked to by and (in the laptop department).

Those two links have generated "massive" traffic to the SourceForge site: 135 hits on the first day, the most since the start of the project.

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2006-05-10

UMTSmon 0.1 released

The first alpha release of UMTSmon is here.
Most things probably still do not work correctly (like card detection - only 10% of the code is there).

What should work (if you have an Option UMTS card) is:
* SMS sending
* PIN entering
* roaming
* monitoring the connection

If you have any requests for what feature you want first, please send an e-mail to the author!


Posted by Klaas van Gend 2006-05-09