UMTSmon 0.6 released

Well, this is the 0.6 release of umtsmon... Finally.
Sorry it took so long, apart from everyone being busy, Klaas got into the hospital and we had some hardware issues to fight.

This is probably the stablest umtsmon ever - for all 100% supported cards.
If you own a single port serial card (XU870, GC79, most Sierra Wireless), this release will finally work for you - but don't try to do things with
umtsmon whilst you are connected (like the sms or info dialogs) - umtsmon will crash.

Apart from stability, you'll notice the new, revamped UI. There's still one control that needs to be moved, but we feel the new UI is better to everyone.

Also, umtsmon now has a dialog at startup that will tell you if all settings are correct - and propose to change them if needed.

Please, enjoy this new release of umtsmon 0.6.

Klaas van Gend and the umtsmon team

Posted by Klaas van Gend 2007-05-25

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