Huawei E160X

  • Ulrich Lehmkühler


    i can report, that the Huawei E160X (Revision 11.604) works fine with OSS 10.3 an the UMTSMOn-binary from OpenBuildService by SEIFE. It's branded by German Vodafone and contains an additional Memmorycard slot für SDHC micro.

    But one problem remains: I try to get it work with Mandriva 2008.0, but I get dialing only the failure message "/usr/sbin/pppd: unrecognized option 'replacedefaultroute': pppd version 2.4.4". OpenSuse and Mandriva both use the same ppp (2.4.4). Any ideas?



    • Klaas van Gend

      Klaas van Gend - 2008-11-30

      don't use "replacedefaultroute" :-D

      • Ulrich Lehmkühler

        Sure its better not to use "replacedefaultroute", but not i use it, umtsmon wants to use it ... in Mandriva and not in OSS. Shall I put Mandriva into rubbish?

        • Ulrich Lehmkühler

          I got the Failure mesaage booting Mandriva again:
          # German Failuremessage with switchedon "replacedefaultroute" #
          /usr/sbin/pppd: unrecognized option 'replacedefaultroute'
          pppd version 2.4.4
          Usage: /usr/sbin/pppd [ options ], where options are:
          <device>    Communicate over the named device
          <speed>        Set the baud rate to <speed>
          <loc>:<rem>    Set the local and/or remote interface IP
          addresses.  Either one may be omitted.
          asyncmap <n>    Set the desired async map to hex <n>
          auth        Require authentication from peer
          connect <p>     Invoke shell command <p> to set up the serial line
          crtscts        Use hardware RTS/CTS flow control
          defaultroute    Add default route through interface
          file <f>    Take options from file <f>
          modem        Use modem control lines
          mru <n>        Set MRU value to <n> for negotiation
          See pppd(8) for more options.
          # German failuremessage with switchedoff "replacedefaultroute" #
          ppp konnte nicht gestartet werden. Starten sie umtsmon in der Komanndozeile mit -v5 und überprüfen sie die Ausgabe
          Ich can post the looging of umtsmon (-v5) if this is requested, but i think this will be enough.


          • Klaas van Gend

            Klaas van Gend - 2008-12-16


            Looks like you should specify "defaultroute" instead of "replacedefaultroute".

            Hmmm, I might need to file a bug for that.

    • Klaas van Gend

      Klaas van Gend - 2008-12-04

      This sounds like we're miscommunicating.
      umtsmon only specifies that it wants replacedefaultroute if you set that option in your Profile.
      So, go into the profile editor and deselect it.
      Does that help?


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