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When are you planning to support qt4

  • nutts4life

    nutts4life - 2008-07-12

    Hi there,

    I love your application and use it alot, but it's stopping me upgrading my OS as the new version only has qt4. I only have access to qt4 development environment for compilation.

    Please, Please, Please can you make the next version support qt4!



    • Klaas van Gend

      Klaas van Gend - 2008-07-24

      I find your statement hard to believe, as it will disallow many current applications to work.

      The design goals of umtsmon state that umtsmon should work with as little dependencies as possible. Introducing QT4 will introduce more dependencies and disallow older distributions to work.

      Of course, your story shows the opposite: if distributions stop providing QT3, that's a good case to switch.
      Can you please provide some more details on your distro?


    • alessandro rimoldi

      qt4 will not add a new dependency!

      it will replace an old dependency with a new one...

      i think that in 2009 you can ask your users to have qt4 installed...

      you should really upgrade your dependencies when the libraries you use upgrade (you don't have to be early adopters, but you can't stay with old versions!)

      have fun

      • Klaas van Gend

        Klaas van Gend - 2009-04-20

        Please look at the stated design goals of umtsmon - .

        umtsmon is a *temporary* project, to make sure that anyone who just bought a 3G device can use it in Linux. As soon as you install a new Linux version, ModemManager should support it - and the need for umtsmon goes away.

    • cyberpatrol

      cyberpatrol - 2009-08-04

      I'd also vote for Qt 4 support.
      But what is ModemManager?

      • Klaas van Gend

        Klaas van Gend - 2009-08-04

        ModemManager is the part in NetworkManager that handles modems.
        See e.g.

        If you are voting to do QT4 support in umtsmon, I expect you're going to send patches soon?

    • cyberpatrol

      cyberpatrol - 2009-08-04

      I don't think, that I'll send patches for supporting Qt4. ;-)


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