AT commands

  • Benjamin Evrard

    Benjamin Evrard - 2008-10-22


    With a minicom terminal, I can try different AT commands like AT+CSQ,...
    When I want to be connected, I have to write:

    After that, it says :
    CONNECT 1800000

    But I can't use the minicom terminal after that, so I can't ask the signal strength, information on the provider, cell id,...

    Do you know why?  I've read in Sony documentation, that we have to pass in the command online mode with "+++", but I can't write anything...

    Can you help me?  How do you do to have always the information on the signal?

    Thank you,

    Benjamin Evrard
    Student at FUNDP Belgium

    • Klaas van Gend

      Klaas van Gend - 2008-10-22

      The obvious question here would be: do you have multiple serial ports?

      As soon as you run ATD on a port, that port switches to another type of interface expecting PPP to connect.
      You want to talk to one of the other ports at that point.


    • Benjamin Evrard

      Benjamin Evrard - 2009-05-06


      I've again a question about the AT commands.  How do you use the AT+CSQ (signal strength) in UMTSmon?
      Because you receive a "RSSI unit" no?  Do you change the RSSI in dBm?

      In all cases, do you know how to change RSSI in dBm?

      Thank you,


      • Klaas van Gend

        Klaas van Gend - 2009-05-06

        The obvious answer: see the specification.
        To quote from it (3GPP TS 270.007, page 76):

        0     113 dBm or less
        1     111 dBm
        2...30     109...  53 dBm
        31     51 dBm or greater
        99    not known or not detectable
        <ber> (in percent):
        0...7    as RXQUAL values in the table in TS 45.008 [20] subclause 8.2.4
        99    not known or not detectable


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