UMTSMON/PPP with ZTE MF628 (EEE PC w/Xandros)

  • Pieter Masereeuw


    Has anyone succesfully used the ZTE MF628 umts stick on an Asus EEE PC with Xandros Linux?

    I am using umtsmon 0.9 succesfully on my Toshiba with Ubuntu 8.04, but now I am trying to also use umtsmon 0.9 on my Asus EEE PC 901 with the same modem, and I can't get it to work.

    Umtsmon comes up OK, and shows my network operator (NL KPN). I can enter my pin code and even send an SMS, but when I try to connect, PPP fails without messages in the stdout and stderr tabs.

    I inspected the log that comes when you run umtsmon with -v5 and compared with the working umtsmon on Ubuntu. I found a difference after the command ".ATD*99***1#" The EEE log entries are:

    ##P4 t=772: Query sends the following mesage: 'ATD*99***1#'
    ##P5 t=772: receiveString: 'ATD*99***1#\xd\xd\xaNO CARRIER\xd\xa'
    ##P4 t=772: answer 1:'ATD*99***1#'
    ##P4 t=772: answer 2:'NO CARRIER'

    where the comparable section of Ubuntu has:

    ##P4 t=940: Query sends the following mesage: 'ATD*99***1#'
    ##P5 t=940: receiveString: 'ATD*\xd\xa+ZUSIMR:2\xd\xa99***1#\xd\xd\xaCONNECT\xd\xa'
    ##P4 t=940: answer 1:'ATD*'
    ##P4 t=940: answer 2:'+ZUSIMR:2'
    ##P4 t=940: answer 3:'99***1#'
    ##P4 t=940: answer 4:'CONNECT'

    Of course, I maybe wrong that this section will point to the error. I can send the full log file (537 lines) if required and I am prepared to do anything I can to help solve this problem.

    One further note: in order to get my computer "see" the modem, I had to replace the usbserial.ko module with one that I found on an Austrian site ( I installed it with

    modprobe usbserial vendor=0x19d2 product=0x0015

    If anyone finds this suspicious, I agree. I am open for a better solution, but things like building a new kernel go beyond my competence.

    After "ejecting" (using the EEE gui) the USB "CD-ROM" that comes up after plugging in the modem, the computer sees some serial devices (automatically switching the modem into the right mode, as attempted by umtsmon, does not work).

    Thanks for anyone who can shed some light on this.

    Pieter Masereeuw

    • Pieter Masereeuw

      For Dutch-reading people who come across this page with the same question about KPN and the ZTE MF628 modem: the question is partially solved here:

      This gives me UMTS on my EEE PC, which is great. Unfortunately, the solution is more or less hard wired for KPN, so it will not help me in other countries.

      Repeated question: anybody with ideas on how to get umtsmon working with this device on the Asus EEE PC?



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