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  • Benjamin Evrard

    Benjamin Evrard - 2008-10-06


    I've to try different scenarios about Umts for my studies.  I would like to know if it is possible to find the spreading factor of the connexion with your software? and about the transport channel (like DCH, FACH,...), do you think that it's possible?
    If I can't do it with your software... do you have an idea for me in order to find it?

    Thank you,

    Benjamin Evrard
    Student at FUNDP - Belgium

    • Klaas van Gend

      Klaas van Gend - 2008-10-06

      Hi Benjamin,

      I'm quite certain that umtsmon doesn't check that kind of info yet.
      But we're just using the ETSI AT commands. There are many AT commands standardized - just look for the ETSI 3GPP standards on the web. I'm usually into document 27007-700.

      Hope this helps,


    • Benjamin Evrard

      Benjamin Evrard - 2008-10-14

      Hi Klaas,

      Thank you for your answer. I've looked at the AT commands.  In fact, there are different commands which are interesting. I would like to use special AT commands like +CSQ,+CREG,+CAEMLPP,+CPPS,+CFCS.  Do you think that it's possible with UMTSmon (it's possible to specify my own commands?) or I have to use comgt (or gcom) and write the script in C language?



      • Klaas van Gend

        Klaas van Gend - 2008-10-22

        I'm not sure what you want to do here.
        umtsmon is not meant to give a command line query interface.

        if you don't want to write your own C/C++ application, it might be easier to either base yourself on comgt/gcom and just write a script.
        If you want to do your own app, you might want to borrow my Device and Query classes.

    • Benjamin Evrard

      Benjamin Evrard - 2008-10-14

      I continue in my researchs and in your umts paper... :-)  If I use minicom, I can type the AT-command in the terminal and have directly the answer (and then don't have to write any script)?



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