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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    One issue I have with the player is that with the Windows version, it requires Internet access to install. The installer is small because it exists exists solely to determine system requirements and download/execute the relevant .exe file (in my case, UMPlayer-p4.exe). I know it's possible to download this larger installer instead, but then you have the codecs .7z file which it downloads as well if checked (which is important enough to install IMHO).

    Maybe you could have a full standalone installer for something like the P4 installer, but bundled with the codecs. OR, maybe have it so that if the installer finds the relevant .exe and .7z files within the same folder when launched, it uses those instead of going onto the net. I prefer standalone packages whenever possible because, well, you never know what's going to happen to SourceForge.

    Apart from that, great program. I still use Media Player Classic Home Cinema because it's what I'm used to, but UMPlayer's certainly better on Linux than SMPlayer, who's development has stalled.

    I know it might be

  • Ori Rejwan

    Ori Rejwan - 2011-04-04

    Yeah been getting a bunch of complains about this issue; we are going to release a stand-alone portable version that will only include the RTM MPlayer binary and none of the codecs, but the purpose of the internet installer is to offer flexibility to users wherein they receive the optimized MPlayer binary based on their CPU make and type and only download the codec pack if they wish too (including all the different binaries and codecs in one installer will make that said installer over 50MB in size).


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