MKV format not working properly

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi i am using MKV format  videos but its working clearly . upgrade that pls

  • Ori Rejwan

    Ori Rejwan - 2011-04-13

    I'm keep hearing complains about Matroska (mkv) videos but all my video library plays just fine, can you provide more information on your CPU make and OS type please?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm having the same issues with uneven MKV playback, while the same files play fine in SMPlayer 0.6.9.  These are 720p MKVs with stylized subtitles.  The audio goes out of sync with the video and the subtitles.  I have a Core 2 Duo E7200 on Win 7 x64.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    very strange, i wish you could send me the video (obviously that won't be possible). i've tried several HD MKV videos (got quite a collection myself) on 4 different PCs but I could not replicate this problem, it might be a configuration glitch (worth a shoot) so I would really appreciate it if you'll do the following: try to play the same video using the same configuration and subtitles, then press Ctrl+M (to view the MPlayer log) and copy and paste whatever is listed there, can you do that please?



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