Access control panel privilegies

  • Fernando Deantoni


    The privilege management its not working for me, when i change the privilegies of a group, it appears in the option "Show existing privileges " correctly, but when i test it, it doesn't work. For example:
    I created two groups, A and B with a user to each one, the members of the group A can only read and edit pages of group A, the same to the user of group B. But the member of the group B can edit and read pages of group A, I'm thinking that is because of the settings in the "default settings", maybe this configuration its overwriting the settings of access control panel, but i don't know how to solve it.

    Thanks  for the answers!

  • DACC

    DACC - 2012-11-15

    Very sorry for not noticing your post earlier. What matters is that the titles of your pages for which you want to control access are prefixed with the namespace ID. So suppose you have groups A and B, then your pages in group A should have page titles like "A:Page1", "A:Page2", etc. (replace the "Page1", "Page2" bits with your actual page titles, but make sure to keep the "A:" in place). The users in group B will then not be able to access these pages (assuming that your definition was that only group A has access to the pages of group A, or to be more precise, to the pages belonging to namespace A). See the updated documentation of this extension for more information.


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