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Umber Tools 0.3.5 Released

This release introduces a new DTD loading API in Bellows and glue code in Ballast to express DTD models through Velocity templates; includes default templates to convert DTD to XML and to generate a JavaBean binding model from it. Also, Bellows SAXLoader now throws exceptions for invalid XML.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2005-09-27

Umber Tools 0.3.4 Released

This checkpoint release introduces some major extensions in Core, including a new logging API (which removes the last remaining required external dependency, commons-logging) and easy MIME conversion for Umber Email. Bellows now supports "messy HTML" parsing with TagSoup. Catalan has a new set of queue implementations, to be exploited fully in later releases. And Crucible has the beginnings of a common PDF API that currently wraps iText, PDFBox, and GNU jPDF.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2005-07-06

Umber Tools 0.3.3 Released

This release includes newly written documentation for the Umber Core and Umber Ballast projects, plus a broad migration of generic code from Catalan into Core and Crucible. Core has a new JavaMail wrapper which greatly simplifies email and MIME management.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2005-06-07

First Umber Tools Suite Release

This is the first Umber Tools package under the new build architecture. It sports a shiny new Ant script, rewritten from the ground up, and a new collection of jars. The umber-tools jar contains all Umber source code; the five sub-projects are also distributed as separate jar files. The binary zip distribution contains all Umber jar files and developer docs, plus 3rd party support libraries. The source distribution contains the CVS checkouts of all umber tools projects, which can be built using a single top-level Ant script. Only minor bug fixes of Bellows and Catalan were made. Pre-release versions of new projects Ballast and Crucible are included too.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2005-05-09

Bellows 0.3.1 Released

This marks the first new Bellows release under the Umber Tools Project. The primary changes are as follows. Added Datum.getChildren() method to remove need for frequent downcasting to ListDatum. Moved all DatumBrowser functionality into Datum and the new QueryCache class; deprecated DatumBrowser. Also ported and extended the JavaBean/XML conversion code from Catalan to new BeanToXml and XmlToBean classes; created an XmlAware class to add easy toXml() method to arbitrary object models.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2005-01-04

Migrated Bellows and Catalan from WritersForge

The official migration of the developer support libraries Bellows and Catalan, from the WritersForge project to the Umber project (which was created specifically to provide a new home for those libraries), is now completed. All new releases of those libraries will take place here, as part of the Umber Tools project. Both libraries were copied over with only minor cosmetic changes. The main difference is that the Java packages have changed from org.writersforge.* to org.umber.*. Also, Catalan was updated to use the latest Umber version of Bellows, and a few miscellaneous cleanups were made to the peripheral content to reflect the new project semantics.

Posted by John R. Sheets 2004-10-17

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