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ulxmlrpcpp 1.5.0-rc3 available

* rc3: 2005-06-02

- cleanup and tests for cookie management

* rc2: 2005-06-02

- moved all header files into $prefix/include/uxmlrpcpp to avoid name clashes
==> search-and-replace <ulxmlrpcpp.h> to <ulxmlrpcpp/ulxmlrpcpp.h>
- fixed generation of distribution when builddir == srcdir
- added several missing files to the distribution
- detect prototype for iconv
- mprocess_server gets correct handle... read more

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2005-06-04

ulxmlrpcpp 1.5.0-rc1 available

This release contains a rather large number of fixes and enhancements. Most important proxy support, cookie management and an improved ssl connection class.

Documentation is incomplete, please use also the test files for now.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2005-05-30

2 patches for 1.4.7 available

These 2 contributed mini-patch-releases contain some modified files to support streaming and chunked transfer.

I did not test it personally since I am currently busy with other projects.

If your are curious enough just download, copy over the recent 1.4.7 and try yourself ;-)

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-11-07

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.6 available

Added missing \r to line endings.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-09-02

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.4 available

Fixes and workarounds for MS VC6.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-08-03

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.3 available

A compilation problem in a make file has been fixed. The boolean type now uses 0/1 instead of true/false which is what the XMLRPC standard says.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-07-30

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.2 available

A CRLF conversion problem in the HTTP client under Windows was fixed and the transfer speed with really large XML strings has been increased.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-06-29

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.1 available

A small memory leak has been closed and some compile problems with BCB5 have been fixed. Some missing files in the documentation have been added.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-06-03

ulxmlrpcpp 1.4.0 available

Basic support for SSL/TLS connections via TCP/IP.

A partial rewrite which separates transmission and protocol
for adding new types of connections or protocols in the

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-05-29

ulxmlrpcpp 1.3.0 available

This release contains a limited implementation of WBXML (binary xml) which results in up to 4 times faster processing of the messages compared to xml.

Please note that this breaks compatibility with other XML-RPC packages.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2004-04-18

ulxmlrpcpp 1.2.4-final available

After a series of betas the final version is available. New features are support for unicode, multi threading servers (rpc-only and http+rpc) and rpc-clients as well as support for html form handling.

Fom personal knowledge it compiles and runs under Linux, Windows and OpenBSD.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2003-12-20

ulxmlrpcpp 1.2.4-betar available

This release should be very close to the final. I contains a multithreaded http/rpc and a multithreaded standalone rpc server. Additionally a bunch of resouce leaks have been closed.

Everything is known to run on Linux, OpenBSD and Windows.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2003-11-26

ulxmlrpcpp 1.2.4-beta2 available

Version 1.2.4 includes support for unicode and asynchronous communication using threads.

Form personal knowledge it compiles and runs on Linux (probably *BSD as well) and Windows98 with BCB5 and MSVC.

Posted by Ewald Arnold 2003-10-16