New download files available & JULinux needs your help.

JULinuXP and JULinOX OS are now available for direct download from our page at but we have a small problem. Even though there are plenty of new JULinux users, and even though many people are commenting and telling us how great they think it is on Facebook and other sites, no one is leaving any reviews or feedback on, and this has made our rating drop due to the project's inactivity before this release. So I'm asking and begging you to please sign in to and leave a review here:

Also JULinux is your Linux distribution. Before making JULinux ETPE 2013 I went online on the JULinux facebook page, and in Linux groups and told them about the project, and asked them what they wanted to see in the next release. One of the biggest complaints was about Ubuntu being too bloated and too full of adware, spyware, and other unwanted junk that slows it down. So I did some research on how to remove Ubuntu's advertising software that reports back to Amazon and shows you adds. I also did a lot of other tweaks and speed ups, and as you have noticed the default UI does not use any 3D of any kind (except the dock bar in JULinOX OS that renders independently of the desktop). According to users who wrote me back on Facebook, called, and wrote in E-mail; it's faster than Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and most all other Buntu distributions. It still has the features that allow you to install Steam and Netflix along with other proprietary software, & the security features should make computer users drul thanks to, Midori, and some browser plugins, all of which can easily be disabled if the user finds that they hinder their experience.

Additionally the Emergency Tactical Prepper Edition survival tar.gz file with previously classified information can be found on the download page as well.

The web page has been completely re-engineered to load quickly, and be easy to navigate. If you don't like it volunteer, or make suggestions.

I started a new project called and it now has more popularity than . Linux Distributors are now signing up so they can blog about their newest releases there. If you subscribe to the site you will probably hear about distribution releases not mentioned on .

Again thanks for using JULinux and those reports here: are very, very important to our success so please log in to and review it today.

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