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UltraStar Website

http://www.ultrastargame.com is current project website. There are new UltraStar versions available.

Posted by Corvus 2010-07-04

UltraStar 0.7.1 released

New official UltraStar 0.7.1 has been released and is available for download. With UltraStar 0.7.1 you can pause the game, have the new game mode and there's a protection against improper soundcard setting. New version uses less CPU than the 0.7.0 due to dynamic game speed control.

All new features are listed below:
* Game can be paused when singing
* Freeplay mode without scoring
* Protection against improper setting record options
* Buffer setting from the sound options
* Dynamic FPS to decrease and increase computer usage when needed
* Optimized texture management for faster loading and less memory usage
* Theme color change does not require game restart
* Proper sorting of Polish local letters
* More contrast notes in the Blue Sensation theme.

Posted by Corvus 2010-02-25

UltraStar 0.7.0 released

New UltraStar 0.7.0 has been released. New features are:
* Full avi support.
* Improved graphics with two new skins and over 20 colors for each skin.
* A lot of reflection effects.
* Lyrics fade in and out at the beginning and at the end of the song.
* Improved echo effect.
* Better resolution handling with switching to the default resolution and widescreen support.
* Videos are scaled to match the screen size while keeping the proper aspect ratio.
* And many more.

Posted by Corvus 2009-10-30

UltraStar 0.6.2 released

New UltraStar has been released. Here's the list of changes since UltraStar 0.6.1:

- experimental new video formats support like .avi
- avatar support with jpeg, png and bmp files
- UTF-8 support for languages, song artist, album, title and lyrics
- all fonts rebuilt
- lyric color changes according to the selected skin color
- a lot more new tags: #PREVIEWSTART, #ALBUM, #YEAR, #ID, #VERSION, #LENGTH
- buffer changes to prevent skipping clicks in editor on some configurations
- faster sorting by artist and title
- changes in the song editor: shift+space plays selected note with midi, ctrl+shift+space and ctrl+space plays it as audio and midi, ctrl+P works as ctrl+shift+P
- fixed problem with creating multiple profiles at once
- game uninstaller lets your select to remove player profiles, custom songs and covers
- song background graphic fills the full screen according to the MovieSize option
- prevents use of solmization in editor
- a lot minor bugfixes

Posted by Corvus 2009-03-17

First official song

The first official song is available at http://www.ultrastar.pl/index.php?module=Songs

Songs published at this site are free to download and are supported by UltraStar developers.

Posted by Corvus 2009-02-21

New website

The official UltraStar website is up and running. Visit http://www.ultrastar.pl/

Posted by Corvus 2009-01-24

UltraStar 0.6.1 released

UltraStar 0.6.1 has been released. Profile was built for easier player selection and storing scores. Older scores can be imported using shortcut to the game in its directory. Movies other than mpeg doesn't cause problems anymore. Tags were updated and there are some minor fixes.

Posted by Corvus 2008-08-08

UltraStar 0.6.1 soon

UltraStar 0.6.1 is scheduled to be released next week.

Posted by Corvus 2008-08-03

UltraStar 0.6.1 with profiles

New UltraStar 0.6.1 will come with the player profiles support. Managing players and changing them will be very easy and fast.

Posted by Corvus 2008-05-24

UltraStar 0.6.0 released

New UltraStar 0.6.0 has been released. Graphic engine is now improved for hires displays: more animations and better font rendering. Default theme has changed and a few small bugs has been fixed.

Posted by Corvus 2008-03-22

UltraStar 0.5.4 released

UltraStar 0.5.4 comes with new sorting engine and improved filtering. Bugs with garbled sound and game crashes on some machines have been fixed.

Posted by Corvus 2007-12-23

UltraStar 0.5.4 before Christmas

New UltraStar will be ready before Christmat. Final tests of the release candidate have began. Few bugs have been eliminated and new dynamic sorting engine has been implemented.

Posted by Corvus 2007-12-20

UltraStar 0.5.3 released

PC conversion of famous karaoke game - Singstar. It allows a computer to evaluate how good you are when you sing by analyzing your voice pitch. Sing your favourite songs and see how you improve.

UltraStar 0.5.3 is ready. In new version you get line bonus, simple microphone echo, slightly improved soundcards managing and more themes support.

Posted by Corvus 2007-08-24

UltraStar delays

There were some delays in releasing next version mainly due to personal problems. UltraStar 0.5.3 will be ready soon as it entered 0.5.3 RC stage.

Posted by Corvus 2007-08-15

First Linux run

Today was the first UltraStar Linux run. First release may come out soon and is based on the Windows version.

Posted by Corvus 2007-04-24

UltraStar presentation in Czestochowa

At the Czestochowa University of Technology on 27th march 2007 will be UltraStar presentation. Final of the Student Best Project will be held at the A13, Dabrowskiego 73, Czestochowa.

Posted by Corvus 2007-03-25

UltraStar 0.5.2 released

New UltraStar 0.5.2 is ready. New recording engine has been implemented. Please reconfigure record options if needed. Some bugs has been fixed and new languages has been put in. More changes can be found in changes.txt.

Posted by Corvus 2007-02-28

UltraStar 0.5.2 soon

New UltraStar is going to be released this month. I'm sorry for delays due to lack of time and thank you for all donations you have made.

Posted by Corvus 2007-02-24

Translations needed for UltraStar 0.5.2

Translations for new UltraStar are needed. Here you can find all current files:


Please send any updates or new language files using Patch Tracker.

Posted by Corvus 2007-01-27

New sound recording management in UltraStar 0.5.2

UltraStar 0.5.2 will introduce new sound recording management. For everyone having problems with microphones in UltraStar, please send me an email, describe the problem and show the analyze.log output.

Posted by Corvus 2007-01-06

UltraStar 0.5.1 released

New UltraStar is ready. Few bugs has been fixed, skin system has been improved and simple network functionality has been added. By default game checks for newer versions at startup.

Posted by Corvus 2006-12-17

Net Support in UltraStar 0.5.1

UltraStar 0.5.1 is going to have basic internet support. By default it will be disabled but it can be enabled anytime. Point bug has been fixed. Special www site for player database and online gaming is being created.

Posted by Corvus 2006-10-25

UltraStar 0.5.0 released

UltraStar 0.5.0 is ready. More options, better graphics and faster loading. This time it comes with installer.

Posted by Corvus 2006-10-14

UltraStar 0.5.0 soon

UltraStar 0.5.0 RC has been sent to the site administrators and tester. If everything will go well then it's just a matter of days for the full 0.5.0 release.

Posted by Corvus 2006-09-29

Faster loading in UltraStar 0.5.0

Songs loading times has been decreased by 10 times. On machines with 100 songs loading time is 3 times shorter (5 seconds compared to 15 seconds). In new UltraStar you will also see improved graphics and a few new features. Once Release Candidate version will be ready, it'll be send to a few site administrators for testing and opinions.

Posted by Corvus 2006-09-17

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