#99 On-the-fly fix of broken songs



I've also submitted this to ultrastar deluxe, but they seem to have stopped development or something.

Thank you for a great work with ultrastar!
I have a big ultrastar song archive and also normally a very large
audience when running ultrastar. The problem is that now and then I come
across songs which are not very well written. For example they might be a
bit out of tune since the author did not bother testing anything else than
easy difficulty or they may be a bit out of sync because of different
versions of the mp3-file.

A simple way of fixing songs on-the-fly. Example:
Press a special key when playing the song, then use the arrow keys to move
the correct lines around. (or shift click)

-> means move the line further ahead (to a later time)
<- means move earlier
^ means change the correct frequency higher
v means change the correct frequency lower

If this can be done without stopping the song it would also be a great
improvement! Then the audience will not notice that anything changed.

When you exit the game mode the user interface should ask if you want to
save the changes.

Alternative suggestion:
If this is too difficult to do I would like a way to "tag" songs with
"broken". Which then moves them to another directory or does something
which makes it easy for me to remove the songs from my archive.

Thank you very much!


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