#64 Resolutons missing and causes misbehavior

v 0.6.2
Graphic (6)

First I report that UltraStar dosent have 720p and 1080p resolution support so in HD and FULLHD monitors the game when singing dosent look nice, too big bars etc and videos are overscanned very weard so people looks silly in videos etc.

Also when using 1080p resolution with windows, and second monitor is 720p television, ultrastar somehow force windows to move some other programs to second lcd screen, so you have to move those programs back to first screen after game play. This is very big trouble and happens all the time wehn you come back to windows from game.

So atm UltraStar HD and FullHD windows resolution support is broken or missing and also when using these resolutions program causes misbehaviour for windows.

My windows is Vista Ultimate with GF8600gt and 1080p lcd monitor plus 720p lcd television as a second monitor.

Also I am asking to add settings mode that you could start program on sencond monitor rather than in primary monitor.


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