UltraDefrag 6.0.0 has been finally released

Hello friends,

This release is improving the usability, stability and performance of UltraDefrag.

Here is a brief list of the changes:

  • All disk processing algorithms were optimized for speed and efficiency.
  • Support to optimize FAT disks was added.
  • The ability to specify the file sorting order and criteria was added for optimization.
  • Additional filters for fragment and file size were added.
  • Optimization now makes use of all specified filters.
  • The ability to minimize the window to the system tray was added.
  • The ability to display the progress on the task bar icon was added for Windows 7® and above.
  • File fragmentation reports are now no longer stored in the root folder of the drive, but in a sub-folder of the installation folder, so they are no longer left behind after removing UltraDefrag.
  • The Explorer context menu handler is now configurable too.

  • the following translations were added:
    • Bengali

You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible to take advantage of the enhancements.

You are welcome! Your help will be much appreciated!

Stefan Pendl
UltraDefrag Team - Maintainer

Posted by Stefan Pendl 2013-03-02

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