UltraDefrag 5.1.0 has been released

Hello friends,

This release is improving the usability, stability and reliability of UltraDefrag.

Here is a brief list of the changes:

  • added fragmentation level display to all the interfaces
  • added ability to skip the disk processing when fragmentation level
    is below a specified one (fragmentation_threshold option in GUI;
    UD_FRAGMENTATION_THRESHOLD environment variable in command line tool
    and boot time interface)
  • added settings for file pattern groups to easier exclude or include
    groups of files (fixes issue #3449331)
  • bug fix: GUI forced to handle any setting changes reliably
  • bug fix: filters forced to be case insensitive for all the characters
    (they worked properly for ANSI characters only)
  • added ability to specify the installation folder
  • added log file creation to debug silent installations

  • the following translations were added:

    • Malay
  • the following translations were updated:

    • Albanian, Arabic, English (GB), French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Spanish (ES), Spanish (MEX)

You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible to take advantage of the enhancements.

You are welcome! Your help will be much appreciated!

Stefan Pendl
UltraDefrag Team - Maintainer

Posted by Stefan Pendl 2012-10-18

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