UltraDefrag 5.0.4 has been released

Hello friends,

Release 5.0.4 is mostly a bug fix release with some minor enhancements.

Here is the list of the changes:

- dirty volumes needing CHKDSK repair were returned
  to the drives list with a special mark in their status field
- taskbar icon overlay indicating that a job is running was added
  for Windows 7 and more recent Windows editions; it can be turned
  on/off by show_taskbar_icon_overlay GUI option
- menu item to manually check for updates added
- i18n support was added to file fragmentation reports
- the following translations were updated:

  Korean, French (FR), Spanish (AR), Croatian, Spanish (MEX), Wáray-Wáray

- menu icons for high DPI screens were added
- Internals: WgxSetTaskbarIconOverlay, WgxRemoveTaskbarIconOverlay,
  WgxLoadIcon and WgxGetTextDimensions routines added to wgx library
- WgxGetResourceString behavior changed
- math.lshift function added to Lua library
- incremental compilation enabled
- MS Visual Studio 6.0 development environment support dropped

You are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release as soon as possible to take advantage of the fixes.

You are welcome! Your help will be much appreciated!

Stefan Pendl
UltraDefrag Team - Translations Manager

Posted by Stefan Pendl 2012-04-07

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