#67 RFE: add sequential defrag

Scheduler (2)

please add a sequential defrag of all partitions on the same physical drive.
I read there is no speed advantage in parallel processing many partitions of the same drive, but can be usefull an automatic scheduler that process all the partitions in sequence


  • Stefan Pendl

    Stefan Pendl - 2012-09-02

    Currently --all-fixed would process all drives in sequence, so this is partly solving your request.

    Do you mean to have UD determine which drives are located on one physical disk and it should spawn a new process for each disk processing only the partition of the disk?

    Is the following assumption correct?

    You have three physical disks with two partitions each.
    If you are now processing all drives, UD should process all partitions of each disk sequentially, but all disks simultaneously.


  • efa

    efa - 2012-09-03

    understood, so I split the RFE in many different RFEs:
    (just to be clear, I call disk or drives the physical drives, and partitions the partitions on same drive)
    1 - with a single physical drive with many partitions, a scheduler that process all the partitions in sequence (my original RFE)
    2 - with many physical drives, a spawn command (that can be issued by the GUI), to parallel the process on all drives (if I understood well is already implemented in CLI, but miss a GUI command).

    3 - the possibility to do both 1 and 2 concatenated, so parallel for different physical drives, and sequence for different partitions on same physical drive.


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