#49 Make grid clickable to identify files

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Bill Walton

Often a large file is sitting in a bad location and can't be (or isn't) moved by UD. It would help, sometimes, if you could identify what specific file is taking up that prime real estate. In the GUI, if you could click on (or hover over) a grid block and get a pop-up with the file path and name it would help when doing "manual" adjustments.


  • B-Techuser-1

    B-Techuser-1 - 2012-12-19

    Would be a useful addition.
    Note that several of the defraggers I use have this, incl: Defraggler, Auslogics Defrag, JK/MyDefrag.

  • Marnick L'Eau

    Marnick L'Eau - 2013-07-11

    Please add this sometime soon, it's a must-have feature in case you want to pre-emptively eliminate some work and save time by having a closer look at which files exactly are creating all the fragmentation, as well as for various other uses.

  • David Kačerek

    David Kačerek - 2016-08-29

    I'd like to extend the request for the possibility to having to just hovering the mouse cursor over a pixel in the cluster map to show me which files reside in that area - provided the "grid_line_width = 0" and "map_block_size = 1" are set. Additionaly it would be fantastic if you could just left-click a pixel to zoom in with the possibility repeating it infinitely to distinguish even the smallest individual files hiding behind the specific pixel and right-click to zoom-out. Mind you this is what the famous MyDefrag had from the beginning and it was very addicitve. I'm stil forced to use now discontinued MyDefrag only because of this feature along with UltraDefrag for other tasks. If you'd be able to implement this, I could finally switch from MyDefrag to UltraDefrag exclusively.

    Last edit: David Kačerek 2016-08-29
  • Dmitri Arkhangelski

    Thank you for good suggestions.


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