#186 v7.0.0 beta1 clobbers Windows 7 64 bit


Decided I'd be brave and try out the beta version and boy did I get punished. At this moment I'm not certain what all got whacked but links in emails no longer work, seventy shortcuts had to be rebuilt and certain programs, though still visible in the programs folder, won't run. This all happened doing a full optimization that required five passes. Regular defrag seemed to work just fine.

F8 return to last known good configuration didn't work. Strangest of the strange it even clobbered the bug report feature in the help file meaning that it wouldn't open the link to get here. I've attempted to attach the report. If that fails would someone like to send me an email address I could send it to.

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  • Stefan Pendl

    Stefan Pendl - 2013-06-07
    • status: unread --> open
  • Stefan Pendl

    Stefan Pendl - 2013-06-07

    The underlying engine is the same as the one in v6.0.2, only the GUI window code changed in v7.0.0 beta1.


  • Dmitri Arkhangelski

    Apparently something has been broken in the file system before the disk optimization. So, this isn't a bug. This is the expected behavior when either malicious software or broken hardware or malfunctioning Windows break something inside the file system.

    Last edit: Dmitri Arkhangelski 2014-10-20
  • Dmitri Arkhangelski

    • status: open --> wont-fix

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