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Project is closed.

Seems to be out of interrest, so ...

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2006-03-19

Release V0.07, Xplatform Windows & Linux now !

It's ready now on Linux. You can see 3d renderer plugin that is cross platform AND plugable. Windows (directX9 & OpenGL), Linux (OpenGL). 3D API is not rich at this time, but if you'd like to work on this, you are welcome.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-08-22

Release v0.06, Image File Format manager based on plugins.

-Improve documentation,
-Linux port started, components are ok, need to port the sample launcher (RendererDemo),
-Add of new image classes (ImageLub, ImageLf, ImageLAub, ImageLAf, ImageHLSf),
-Improve the list of image format supported by OpenGL texture
-Add of new constructor in image classes to convert to another image format,
-Add an ImageFileFormat base of plugins (*.ifio).
If you want to code a plugin you're welcome.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-06-19

Release v0.05, welcome to Biniam

Adding fogging functionnality in 3d renderer. You can see in the demo RendererFog how to manipulate fog parameters. Enrich the API documentation. Welcome to Biniam who help us porting the sdk on Linux platform.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-05-14

Release v0.04, support of DirectX9

Sdk supports OpenGL and DirectX9 renderer plugins.
In the demos you can dynamicly switch renderer.
Two basic demos added, RendererTriangle and RendererMatrix.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-30

Release v0.03, and welcome to Alex

Version v0.03 adds the API documentation generated by doxygen. Welcome to alex_grom who want to share his knowledge on texturing and much more ...

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-19

Procedural texture demo at FlipCode's Image Of The Day

Diffusion of the animated procedural texture demo.
Go to http://www.flipcode.com, in the Image Of The Day Gallery section and select 14 April 2004.
For the demo use F5 to view single texture, keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 to select the texture. Use F6 to see all the animated textures in a plan. Use F5 to see textures mapped onto an animated cube.
Have Fun.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-15

Release V0.02

-Adding the None rendering plugins as sample.
-Adding framework coverage.tests with Image.test and Math.test that (partially) cover the sdk .dll to detect regression. Coverage is done in Debug & Release mode.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-09

First draft of coding rules.

First draft of C++ coding in delivers, I'am waiting for your feed-back.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-07

First release of Ultra.Sdk project

Have a look at the 2 demos demonstrating the new sdk. In his first step sdk implement a plugin manager, image and math tool classes and a 3D abstract renderer. What about this coding style ?
Interresting ? so join the team.

Have fun.

Posted by Poudras Christophe 2004-04-07

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