3d tiles and tracks

  • Werner Macho

    Werner Macho - 2003-10-23

    so, its time to start ... can anyone give me a webpage where a good explanation of "how to produce .gl" files is?

    especially i'd like to create my own textures also ..

    and .. hmm what purpose is stunts3dedit for? is it just for viewing the tiles?

    if someone can give me a brief explanation of how to create only ONE tile - i think i'm able to produce the rest on my own. its just i dont know how and where to start ..

    thx a lot .. and ..  keep doing this game

    • Werner Macho

      Werner Macho - 2003-10-26

      i've just found out that the .gl extension already exists for another file format ...


      although i played around with some 3d editors like ac3d .. is there any possibility to make tiles with a program and convert it to the ultimatestunts format ?

      greets Werner

    • Werner Macho

      Werner Macho - 2003-10-26

      ok sorry - think i should read docs more carefully ..

      but .. maya and 3dsmax are not free .. i'd like to creat it with blender or any free useable .. well at least i have to write them manually ..


    • CJP

      CJP - 2003-10-27

      The real Ultimate Stunts .gl format documentation is


      It doesn't have anything to do with the other .gl file format. I just named it like this because its syntax is similar to that of openGL.

      stunts3dedit is able to open & save .gl files, import raw ASCII files drom the 3dto3d converter, change individual vertex properties, rotate & scale objects & textures, and some other useful things. You can use it for importing, simple modifications or individual vertex-editing.

      You can use blender right now, if it can export to a file format that can be imported by 3dto3d. It would surprise me if blender can't export 3DS...

      • Werner Macho

        Werner Macho - 2003-10-27

        and where can i get this 3dto3d ? cause the page i found with google is
        The requested URL /thbaier/products.html was not found on this server.

        • CJP

          CJP - 2003-10-28

          I don't know. It is in my SuSE Linux distro (SuSE 8.0). You can almost certainly download it from SuSE's FTP server. If there is really no place on the internet where it can be downloaded, then I'll consider to re-publish it from my SuSE CD's.

    • Werner Macho

      Werner Macho - 2003-10-30

      hmmmm i only found out that 3dto3d seems to be only Win3d today
      and the source of the unix version there can't be compiled under my gentoo version ... probably a gcc problem.

      I'll try to compile it with gcc2.95 in my debian ..
      Win3d is not a solution for me as long as i don't use windows ;)

      Just for your information ..


    • ReKleSS

      ReKleSS - 2003-11-05

      www.wings3d.com <-- Wings is a really nice 3d modelling program... easy enough to use, and can export to ASCII format, so it should be easy enough to convert to .gl. And it works fine under gentoo :p

      • CJP

        CJP - 2003-11-12

        What do you mean with the ASCII format? Do you mean VRML? I once tried to make a VRML importer, but it turned out to be quite complicated.


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