Updates to the physics engine

  • ReKleSS

    ReKleSS - 2003-11-05

    I've played ultimatestunts for a few minutes... I think I can see what needs to be done to the physics engine to make it feel more like a car and less like a hovercraft. I think I can implement the changes, I just want to see what you guys have to say... I think the problem is that the physics engine doesn't incorporate road resistance into it anywhere - the car operates on the principle of thrust, not wheels. So, scale the rotation by the speed of the car, and implement some resistance if the car isn't moving straight ahead (i.e. sliding), and it should be okay... any thoughts?

    • CJP

      CJP - 2003-11-10

      The current physics engine is still in development, and I know very well what needs to be done.

      Your ideas are a little too simple. Friction between the wheels and the road only needs to be applied when the wheels are in contact with the road. This (among other contacts) is determined by a set of algoritms called "collision detection".

      The collision detection of Ultimate Stunts is not finished, and when it is, I'll implement the road/wheel interaction. Then, the "thrust" engine will be replaced by a torque applied to the wheels, as in real cars.


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