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Running UStunts in XP multiuser environment

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Above all, congratulations to the dev team for the great remake they did.

    This is the first time I participate in a forum like this, so I hope my posting was not in the wrong place.

    I'm using (trying to use) the game in a Win XP Pro multiuser environment.

    Everything seems going well under the administrative account, but when a user with a "limited" account (my children, let's say) tries to run the program, it crashes.

    I guessed it was related with the rights each kind of user has over the "program files" folder, and as far I noticed that there are two data folders referred in the "settings" menu, looking as something used to write runtime and user data, I tried to change its values to point to a shared folder I created for this purpose.

    But the new values were never saved.

    Then, I tried changing those values manually in the .conf file, but it only lead me to have the game crashing even under the Administrator account.

    Any clue? Any fix? Something the user can solve or a bug? I would like to keep trying the program (and helping, insofar)

    Thanks in advance, I hope this helps and nice to meet you.


    • CJP

      CJP - 2007-04-03

      I know nothing about Windows user management, but because Ultimate Stunts is also made to work on Linux, it has features for working on multi-user environments with limited rights.

      Please read the documentation that comes with Ultimate Stunts on how to configure directory locations in ultimatestunts.conf. Datadir can be read-only for the user (so it can be shared safely among users), but savedir needs to be writeable. Ultimate Stunts uses it every time, e.g. for replay recording during the race, and for saving hiscores.

      You can make a savedir that is shared among all users, and make sure all users have write permissions on that dir. Again, I am not a windows expert, so you need to find out how. Then, you can make the savedir variable in ultimatestunts.conf point to that savedir location.

      You can probably also do some "hacking", to give each user its own ultimatestunts.conf and savedir location. The Ultimate Stunts documentation describes where Ultimate Stunts searches for ultimatestunts.conf. You can probably make this work by modifying the working directory in the shortcuts on the user accounts (the working directory is what UStunts calls ".").


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