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Sound will not compile with openal present!

  • Giles Hamlin

    Giles Hamlin - 2005-04-13


    I'm trying to compile on Foresight Linux. I have the openal drivers compiled, but during ./configure of ultimatestunts it tells me that it can't find the drivers so will compile without sound. Can anyone give me the first steps in working out what's not working here? What is it that ./configure is looking for that it can't find.

    Unfortunately, due to patent issues, using fmod is not an option for me, so I really need to look at getting this up and running with openal.

    • CJP

      CJP - 2005-06-14

      Ultimate Stunts searches for the openAL header files and .so file in standard locations, e.g. /usr/include/AL/* for the header files and /usr/lib/* for the .so file. Unfortunately I have no idea in what other locations I should look. (It would be nice if openAL used pkgconfig, but AFAIK it doesn't.) There are some tricks to add other paths to the configure search path, see e.g. the F.A.Q. page of the website. I'm not a configure expert, but all tricks that work for other autoconf-generated configure scripts should also work here. As a last solution, you could move/copy/symlink the .so file and header files to the standard locations.


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