Race yourself - ghost racer

  • Chris

    Chris - 2008-04-26

    Hi, I have some suggestions.
    It would be cool to have the ability to race yourself in the past.  Like when you have a top score, it saves the positioning of the car (like in the replay).  Then in players you can add "high score" or something, and then race yourself.  The other car would have no collision detection.   That way it's like AI, and you can try to beat your high score car.  I don't think it would be too difficult to do, since you already have all the programming.  Just need to tie it together.

    By the way, I am a programmer, and I love your game. 

    Maybe you should add a fence as well, like the original so you bounce off of it.

    Maybe add "arrows", so when you fall off the track, it points you to the right direction.


    • CJP

      CJP - 2008-06-09

      Yup, great ideas. I already had these ideas myself.

      For the ghost car, I need to code 2 things:
      * The simulation of the ghost car needs to be different from the other cars, and it should not be recorded in the replay file
      * The ghost car should be rendered differently

      For the fence, I need some kind of specification in the .track file where the fence should be. My idea is to have some tiles outside the fence (which can be edited in the track editor), to make the "edge" of the track invisible from the track.

      The "arrow" idea is mostly a rendering issue; finding out where the driver should go to is already possible with the current code.


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