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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The last test version of your game I downloaded included a Porsche-esque car and an F1 car (I tried a really old version that was hardly playable, and another version a couple months ago). My question is, what cars do you plan on having? I'd like to see some of the following cars:

    Subaru Impreza STi (Street or Rally version)
    '69 Camaro Z/28
    Corvette ZR-1
    R34 Skyline GT-R (street or racing version)

    If you can't use those names in your game, perhaps you could call them "Rally car", "Muscle car", "sports car", and "Touring car", though I don't see why any of these auto makers wouldn't want free advertising.

    Another suggestion comes from a tool made for stunts after it became a free program. It allows you to semi-customize certain aspects of the vehicle. What I'd like to see is an "Expert mode" where you can tune the gear settings, downforce, and suspension (a la Gran Turismo/Tokyo Extreme Racer). It would be easy to simplify (for example the gear settings could be set so that on one end of the scale is acceleration, and the other end, top speed), and settings could be saved to an external file.

    My last suggestion is for some tiles, and physics for them. I'd like to see the dirt and snow tiles have kind of a "drift physics" to them (i.e. the car slides around if the driver turns too sharply, or the brake is applied while turning). The tiles I'd like to see are walled in roads of all kinds, open bridges (the old ones always had those walls. There should be some kind of danger available to those who want it, right?), widened corners (i.e. the road space takes up two tiles worth of space to allow for different racing lines).

    Love your project and hope you keep these suggestions in mind!


    • CJP

      CJP - 2005-03-24

      Yeah, thanks for the suggestions. I recently found a site with lots of high-quality free 3D car models, but they are in some weird file format, and the converter does not yet work.

      As converting, importing in Ultimate Stunts and finding the right car configuration settings is a lot of work, I can at most add one car per version.

      You can already change the car settings in the current version: they are in the .conf files in the data/cars subdirectory. You can open these files e.g. in wordpad, or in any text editor that supports UNIX-style text files. You can save them with a different filename if you also want to keep the original car.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Aint there a way to convert the cars made for racer to the format needed for ustunts?  It would be nice...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Big thanks for this game,great work! The only car i want to drive on mad stunt tracks is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (I-X). I realy like 4WD cars so a monstertruck would be nice too.Oh and the dirt and snow tiles should realy have some kind of diferent "drift physics". Cars like the Subaru and the Jeep should drift much less on mud and ice than,lets say, the F1-car or the Ferrari of course.
      The editor goes definitly in the right direction.
      It is very intuitive like the old one was.I imported tons of old tracks and it seems to work fine . Only ometimes I had to set some tiles by hand or some "trackblaster tuned" tracks did not work at all.
      About an ingame menu for car settings, thats a nice idea for a later version but you should realy fix mor important things first like the physics and the handling of the cars. BTW is an analog steering possible yet,and if,how? That is something i would realy appreciate.


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