Mircea Kitsune - 2011-03-06

Hello there. I tried US last night, and really love what I see so far :) Also impressed by the length of this project (it's almost 10 years old!). Wonderful work, congratulations!

Now, I don't know how welcome this suggestion is…. given this is a remake of the old Stunts game, and might wish to keep a retro style on purpose. But the main feeling that playing Ultimate Stunts gives me is the wish of seeing something similar with realistic HD models and textures. Most of the current assets are still far from being high quality, including the world and cars.

By HD I mean everything modern and detailed. For models, there would be less to change imo. Apart from the trees (eg: Pines look like cones, here I'd go with making all of them high-poly trees with detailed leafs), and adding grass and foliage on all grass squares (of course without collisions). Terrain would also need to be smooth where it becomes leveled, and not square and direct. Texture wise, I'd basically go with making everything look like Test Drive Unlimited or Need For Speed. High quality and realistic textures, like in most of today's car games. So yeah, that's pretty much how I see this idea.

A good example is another attempt at remaking Stunts. Which has very high quality content, but the project sadly died before the authors got to open source it. It's called Tile Racer, and shows exactly what I mean. Screenshots here: http://tileracer.model-view.com/tl/index.php/media.html I'd love to see an Ultimate Stunts asset package (possibly optional or separate from the current one) that looks just like that in all ways.

Not sure when and if this would be possible and wanted. But I wanted to throw in the idea at least. Perhaps a separate title package containing such assets will be made sometime :)