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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Unfortunately I don't get my OpenGL to work at my GeForce4 MX 440, no blame to UStunts. My PC however is fast enough to do th e viewing with Mesa at software rendering base. But US always is going to use the maximum framerate possible (e.g. 70 - 120 FPS). This high framerates and high CPU usage is causing the warning 'Warning: Low update time detected'. It also causes very low steering control and the car is sliding all the time.
    My question is if it is a good idea to do frame limiting. If I could limit the frames per second for example at 30 the control will be better I think.

    Bug "[1175695] Cars skid too easily" is also applicable to my situation.
    Thanks for your reply,
    Jayjay, NL.

    • CJP

      CJP - 2005-09-06

      The 'Warning: Low update time detected' message is only sent at the start of the game. It is not caused by a too high framerate, but it is caused because after initialisation of the timer there still is some loading that takes some time. It's not a problem when in the game.

      I don't expect that high simulation framerates will be a problem. Maybe you can set US to a very high screen resolution and see if it works (or use Mesa as you say). Does that solve your problem?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It might help to force V-sync to get a constant framerate. But i dont know if it solves his problem.


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