track editor ideaz

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    well,i see you are trying to do the editor roller coaster tycoon style. good idea, but Dont DO IT!!!
    seriously, just allow a person to put tiles wherever they want...
    and have the person have to pass through checkpoints to get to the end of the race....
    like trackmania XD
    i heard u saying trackmania is a subpar game down the three years ago...
    Well look at it now XD
    i suggest you take a lot of ideaz from trackmania...ESPECIALLY the track editor...
    i encourage you to download the free version of trackmania, trackmania nations:
    you NEED to try this is an amazing example of the idea you are trying to do
    in fact youll probly love it XD
    any stunt racing fan should love this game... also check out trackmania united...which is way better...just not free....just google it ;)

    oh...and if you need any help making tiles, i think ill be able to make a few
    as long as i can make it in blender3d
    e-mail me if you want at

    • CJP

      CJP - 2007-08-10

      I already have Trackmania Nations for more than a year :) It's definitely the most popular game in this genre, and I don't think the world is waiting for yet another TM clone (there already is a free TM clone in development). I'll continue to make Ultimate Stunts more Stunts-like than TM.

      I still believe the Rollercoaster Tycoon method can be really useful, but I will also continue to allow users to place individual tiles (I believe RCT did this too, BTW). It will be a kind of multi-tool-interface.

      I recently started creating my tiles in Blender completely. I can send you some example Blender tiles and a Blender file containing the Subaru car. If you are a real Blender guru, then maybe you can solve a problem for me: The Subaru exports perfectly to a .obj file, but the tile models (which I created from scratch) somehow have messed up normal vectors. I'll send them, maybe you can figure out the difference.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi there. First of all BIG THX to all the great people that work on this project.
      I think the track-ed is more than good allready. I realy like the import feature and the good old tile based constucktion system.
      Some sort of hierarchy in the tile list might be a good idea.Since there are a lot of tiles a way to sort them somehow maybe just in subfolders would be nice.


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