Stunts sequel : the MAIN goal.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi guys.
    I'm an old Stunts fan from France.
    I hope your project will be finished, not as Stunts mania dead project.

    Here is THE suggestion, THE idea, THE holy Graal, THE goal to achieve to be a real Stunts remake : keep the original game bugs !!!

    That is :
    - powergear cars (indy, NSX, corvette, ...) and the way they can be handled with powergear (indy can do powergear turns on the grass, NSX can't for example),
    - keep dual ways bug (when there is a multiple choice of road, you can switch from one part of one road to another part of another road without penalty time),
    - loops can be cut without crashing when arriving at enough speed,
    - bug jumps can make the powergear cars (and some others too on special conditions) fly in the air,

    Please please please ! These bugs are the "essence" of the game. TrackMania and CrashDay will never be like Stunts because they do not have such incredible bugs.

    I know most of these bugs are due to vector graphics and game engine. I do not know if you'll use vector graphics but please, do your best to keep these bugs alive. Without them, this remake will just be another Stunts-inspired game (that is a racing game with in-game track editor and some stunts elements as loopings), but will never be a real Stunts sequel.

    Krys TOFF, French Stunts fan.

    P.S. : if you need someone to translate the game from English to French, mail me here : lestunts[AT]

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Another idea : why not asking the german guys of "Stunts 2005" project to work with you ?

      Link :

    • CJP

      CJP - 2006-06-02

      Copy the bugs of the old Stunts? Maybe I can also copy the old VGA graphics? Copy the bad skills of the AI players?

      Why don't you just download the old game somewhere?

      OK, I could make an option in Ultimate Stunts for real Stunts fans who want their bugs back. But for me this has a real low priority.

      About Stunts 2005: they have some interesting scenery in their screenshots. I didn't try the game yet, but does the name suggest that the game is already finished?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Name of Stunts 2005 project is due to the fact they started to do it last year.
      About the old game, sure I got it. Since 15 years I have it.
      Bad AI players or graphics are to be improved. But thoses small bugs like powergear of some cars makes this game really special. Not only the built-in track editor and some loops are enough to be a real Stunts sequel. Look at CrashDay (CD), lokk at the different TrackMania (TM) games. They are good, but they are not STUNTS !
      That's what I meant. Do another CD or TM clone is of no interest for real Stunts fans.
      But it's my own opinion. I'm not the project manager, I'm not the programmer (and I don't pretend to be it, I'm a crappy programmer). I just wanted you to know what real Stunts fans would expect for a Stunts sequel.
      Krys TOFF.

      • CJP

        CJP - 2006-08-14

        I have been thinking about this, and I think it would be the best if I make as many users as possible happy. The perfect solution would be an Ultimate Stunts program with an option for enabling the old bugs. However, the physics engine of Ultimate Stunts is not the same as the original physics engine (and it is really hard to find out how the original engine worked without access to the source code), and artificially adding bugs may give a fake-looking effect. Only the "6th gear" bug may be easy to do.

        Maybe I should do a poll on the website on topics like this. Something like:
        A. I like Ultimate Stunts and I don't case about the old Stunts bugs
        B. I like Ultimate Stunts but it would be better with the old Stunts bugs
        C. I don't like Ultimate Stunts but I would if it had the old Stunts bugs
        D. I don't like Ultimate Stunts anyway


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