Car model design: car editor?

  • Adam Parker

    Adam Parker - 2010-08-31

    It would be good to see more car models in the game, even the cars from the original would be good.
    Are there any plans to develop a car editor?

  • CJP

    CJP - 2011-01-11

    There are no plans for a car editor. On the other hand, if you really want to make a new car, you can do it. The documentation should give you enough information on how to do it. Basically, it involves the following steps:
    * use an external 3D editor for create the 3D model of the car
    * export the 3D models of car body and of wheels to a file format that can be used in ustunts3dedit
    * use the ustunts3dedit program to import the 3D models, tweak them for use in Ultimate Stunts and save them
    * use a text editor to create a configuration file for the car

    You have to know that this process is not going to be user friendly. I'd have to do a lot of programming to make it user friendly, and at this moment I'd rather work on different parts of the game.


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