question about 64 bits

  • Tomek Kaźmierczak


    Is the game known to be 64bit stable?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I do not have the resources to test the game in a 64bit environment yet; I'm not sure if the authors can do it either... If you can, please take a look and report back any results - thus, you can answer your own question for many other people as well.

    • CJP

      CJP - 2007-05-23

      The developers do not have access to a 64bit machine for testing (when it comes to coding, I'm currently the only developer). As such, the program has not been confirmed to be 64bit stable. However, it SHOULD be: most parts of the source code do not depend on an explicit bit size, endianness or format of standard types like int or float, so increasing the size should not create problems.

      I've had contact with a user who tried to compile Ultimate Stunts on a 64bit machine. It turned out that he had some minor problems, but it was not impossible to solve them. The problem mainly concerned the size_t type. AFAIK, int is still 32-bit on 64bit machines, while size-t has become 64-bit. Ultimate Stunts assumed them to be of equal size.

      I think I solved this issue, but I don't remember exactly anymore. So, you can just try to compile it, and see if you get any problems.

    • Stefan Zidar

      Stefan Zidar - 2007-08-09

      it compiled just fine on my amd64 laptop (see my post in the developer forum!)... (was using v0.7.2 of ultimate stunts)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have compiled it on 64bit ubuntu-linux without any problems of any kind, but i didn't use fmod, used open al intead.


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