Pincushion Man - 2008-07-15

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Turns in stunts (the original) have always been a pain, especially on bridges or corkscrews. From what I have seen in the new version, the best playable car is the F1 (not the superfast mod), due to road hugging tires and extreme breaking ability. It also seems, for whatever reason, the designer(s) of the new tracks only take F1 into consideration. My poor Lancia Delta Integrale and the Lamborghini LM002 need at least 7 straight tiles to reliably make a jump. But, hey, they are great on dirt tracks.

Oh, and if you want to turn in a Model T, be prepared to stop dead first. When I try to turn, I fall straight through the track to my doom, because when you go low enough (falling) you wrap around to fall from the top of the screen.