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SWAT 4.0 Release

SWAT 4.1, list of bug fixed for this release:
1) SWAT Editor Database menus have been improved
2) Firefox issue when attaching to opened browser resolved
3) 64-bit Firefox not found errors fixed
4) Chrome JS dialog issues resolved

Posted by Johany Garcia 2011-10-31

SWAT 4.0 Release

SWAT 4.0, list of bugs fixed for this release:
1) Upgraded SWAT and SWAT Editor to .NET 4.0
2) Support Firefox 4.0 using a new extension rpl
3) Support IE 9
4) Assert Browser Exist with modal dialogs in now supported for IE
5) Fitnesse new command modifier % is being used to finish a block of commands on failure.
6) Turn off foreign key constraints and identity inserts on restoring data
7) SWAT Editor issues with ScreenShots have been resolved. Users can specify the location to save the screenshot and it will not default to C:\
8) In the Data Driven Editor individual tests results are linked in a Test Summary HTML document
9) Table names are no longer case-sensitive when backing up and restoring tables in SWAT
10) SuspendTestOnFailure is a new feature that will pause a test on failure allowing the user to determine why the command failed. Then, the users can resume or cancel the test and have it tear down normally. For more information about this feature go to read more

Posted by Johany Garcia 2011-07-27

SWAT 3.1 has been released!

SWAT 3.1 Release Notes

Functional Defects:
CORE - IE - IE performance decrease has been fixed, as well as the occasional OpenBrowser bug
EDITOR - SWAT menu does not crash when given bad directories
CORE - FF - AttachToWindow with too many special characters no longer fails.

SWAT - Press Keys works consistently after a disconnected RDP session.
CORE - FF - Research the state of Firefox 4... read more

Posted by SBarrios 2011-02-03

SWAT 3.0 has been released!

SWAT 3.0 has been released! Below are the release notes:

CORE - IE - Speed Up Research
EDITOR - SWAT modifications for Chrome & Safari
CORE - Modify RunScript to extract new lines from files
SWAT - Determine how to input text in an FCK HTML Editor

Functional Defects:
CORE - DB Connect now automatically closes the old connection when it creates new ones
CORE - IE - attachToModalDialog is now setting the currentIEBrowser
CORE - FF - PressKeys does not ignore CancelEvent in Javascript
SAFARI - The "value:on" property is supported in searches
CHROME - The "value:on" property is supported in searches
CHROME - Hyphens/periods in an innerHTML search are supported
CHROME - Parenthesis in an innerHTML search is fully supported
CHROME - Key events with capital letters are respected
CHROME - Browser closes after all tabs have been closed
CHROME - Browser does not hang at OpenBrowser
CHROME - sendMessageWithTimeout uses milliseconds for its timeout
CHROME - Uppercase properties in findElement no longer cause a failure
CHROME - Asserting elements by Id with a regular expression no longer fails
SAFARI - onKey events are now working correctly
EDITOR - Editor is respecting the -c attribute for included files
CORE - SQL checks are passing in the editor and in Fitnesse
CHROME - RunScript error was fixed
CONSOLE - Line numbers are consistent in Console output
CONSOLE - BeginCompareData is working correctly in Console smoke tests
CONSOLE - Command modifier tests work with the Console
CORE - IE - Browser screenshots work correctly in IE9
CORE - Screenshots don’t throw a "Not attached to window" exception.
CONSOLE - DisplayVariable shows value in Console output
CHROME - Commands that time out right after the content script disconnects fail as expected
SAFARI - StimulateElement OnClick tests are passing
CORE - FF - Special characters above the standard 128 return correctly when using GetElementAttribute
SAFARI - Analyze and remove memory leaks from SWAT Client
CONSOLE - Fake variables cause exceptions in the Console
EDITOR - Values of 0 can now be saved in the Delay between commands option
CORE - IE - PDF pages open automatically in IE9
CORE - IE - OnBeforeUnload JSDialogs in IE9 are compatible with SWAT
CORE - FF - The AttachToWindow failure due to "OK" being added to title has been fixed
CORE - SWAT waits for all frames to load when waiting for the browser
CONSOLE - SWAT variables in SWAT.Console are replaced properly
CORE - attachToBrowser always finds the about:Blank window
CONSOLE - Handle exception when a file path does not exist
CORE - IE - KillAllOpenBrowsers is now respecting AbandonTest
BUILD - The PressKeys tests which use the content script in Chrome are re-enabled
CONSOLE - Formatting for the AssertRecordValuesByColumnName looks neater in the output file
CONSOLE - The "View in English" link on the login page of UltiPro.NET is now found when run through the SWAT.Console
CONSOLE - !include -c syntax for FitNesse macros works
CONSOLE - Running a SWAT script with GetTimerValue does not throw an error
CONSOLE - Formatting for Begin/EndCompareData looks better
Safari - Can create a new line character
CORE - FF - AssertElementExists will find an element when the identifier is empty innerHTML contains
MACRO - The history navigation macros may not be working correctly in IE and Chrome... read more

Posted by SBarrios 2011-01-19

SWAT 2.20 released!

SWAT 2.20 Release Notes

• CORE - FF - Added performance and communication enhancements to Firefox
• EDITOR - The SWAT File Explorer and Results panels are now sticky
• EDITOR - The icon for the Data Access Editor has been changed
• CORE - Reduced the amount of messages sent to the internal debug console
• EDITOR - DDE - Improved the display format of the output for macros
• CORE - Commands that require an attached window will throw a NoAttachedWindowException appropriately... read more

Posted by SBarrios 2010-09-14

SWAT 2.19 Released

SWAT 2.19 Release Notes
CORE - DB - Added an optional boolean parameter to GetDbDate to remove trailing 0's from month and day
Functional Defects:
CORE - IE and Firefox can now correctly handle JavaScript dialogs launched by the window.onbeforeunload JavaScript event
CORE - FF (3.6) PressKeys no longer requires a user to manually bring focus to the window
CORE - IE - A workaround has been identified for asserting background-image styles applied by CSS
CORE - IE - InternetExplorer no longer throws COMException's when a window is closed as a result of clicking a JSDialog
CORE - DB - Backup/Restore Table no longer throws errors under some circumstances
CORE - DB - System.Byte[] is now a correctly supported type by GetDBRecord
EDITOR - The Data Access Editor is no longer throwing unhandled exceptions
FitNesse - GetDbDateMonth, GetDbDateDay, GetDbDateYear now have their variables working in Fitnesse
CORE - The GNU open source license has been appended to all source code
DB - Sql Timeouts are no longer being ignored
DB - CommandTimeout is now being respected in Oracle
CORE - The C# code runner now works when preprocessor directives are included in the code
New Features:
CORE - FF - KillAllOpenBrowsers now kills the firefox process and should close any JSDialogs that are open
EDITOR - AutoHighligthing in IE can now be set in the configurations menu
CORE - Highlighting is now a configurable option for IE
CORE - IE - KillAllOpenBrowsers now kills the iexplore process and should close any JSDialogs that are open
CORE - Set and Get Configuration Commands are implemented to allows modifying SWAT configuration settings at run time
EDITOR - Auto completion has been added for Get/SetConfigurationItem commands
EDITOR - The options menu has been cleaned up
EDITOR - Auto completion has been added for Browser types
EDITOR - Safari has been removed from the browser options
CORE - PSR timing commands have been added
EDITOR - Configuration settings that do not exist in the SWAT.user.config will automatically be added
CORE - GetDBDate has been updated to support hours, minutes and seconds
CORE - A new TakeScreenshot command has been added
CORE - Move screenshot functionality to SWAT.Core and removed SWAT.Screenshots assembly
DB - AssertDBRecordExistsWithTimeout should now be working in Oracle
DB - GetDbDate should now work in Oracle
DB - SaveDbDate should now work in Oracle
CORE - Slow down mode should now only apply to UI commands
DB - SetDatabase has been modified to throw an UnsupportedOperationException when using SetDatabase on an Oracle environment
DB - SWAT's Oracle implementation now uses the Oracle.DataAccess library

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2010-06-07

Reverted SWAT 2.19

Due to some issues with the dialog handling implementation changes, we are reverting SWAT 2.19 until it is resolved Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be pulling 2.19 from Sourceforge for now.

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2010-04-30

SWAT 2.19 Released

SWAT 2.19 Release Notes
CORE - ClickJSDialog can now handle dialogs launched in the window.onbeforeunload JavaScript event
CORE - DB - An optional boolean parameter has been added to GetDbDate to remove trailing 0's from the month and day
Functional Defects:
CORE - Changes were made to PressKeys which should make bringing focus more reliable
CORE - IE - Asserting background-image styles applied by CSS now has a documented solution
CORE - DB - Backup/RestoreTable should be more reliable but still has limitations when used with some views
CORE - DB - The binary and varbinary database types are now correctly supported by GetDBRecord
EDITOR - The Data Access Editor is no longer throwing unhandled exceptions
Fitnesse - The parameters for GetDbDateMonth, GetDbDateDay, GetDbDateYear now are reflected in Fitnesse
CORE - The GNU open-source license has been appended to all C# source code
CORE - The C# code runner now works when preprocessor directives are included in the code
New Features:
EDITOR - Safari has been temporarily removed from the browser options in the SWAT Editor
EDITOR - Configuration settings that do not exist in the SWAT.user.config will now automatically be added when saving
CORE - The Slow down mode feature should now only be applied to UI commands

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2010-04-29

SWAT 2.18 Released

DISCLAIMER: Many of the new features included in this release are from Chrome and Safari which are not complete. Please do not try to use these features. We will be doing official releases of these browsers at a much later time.

SWAT 2.18 Release Notes
Functional Defects:
[TOOL-547] - CORE - FF - ClickJSDialog now works in Firefox 3.6
[TOOL-557] - CORE - FF - AttachToWindow now obtains the window handle correctly of a window with foreign characters
[TOOL-594] - CORE - FF - KillAllOpenBrowsers now works correctly when only Firefox windows with JSSH disabled are open
[TOOL-588] - CORE - PressKeys will no longer lose focus when used with UltiFit
[TOOL-558] - CORE - DB - Backup/Restore tables will now persist across multiple connect/disconnects
New Features:
[TOOL-572] - CORE - Chrome - SetElementAttribute is now implemented
[TOOL-576] - CORE - Chrome - GetWindowTitle is now implemented
[TOOL-573] - CORE - Chrome - AssertElementExists is now implemented
[TOOL-581] - CORE - Chrome - AssertElementExistsWithTimeout is now implemented
[TOOL-493] - CORE - Chrome - Open Browser is now implemented
[TOOL-494] - CORE - Chrome - Navigate Browser is now implemented
[TOOL-517] - CORE - Chrome - CloseBrowser is now implemented
[TOOL-586] - EDITOR - A new tab has been added to the options menu for SWAT Editor\FitNesse settings
[TOOL-497] - CORE - Chrome - GetElementAttribute is now implemented
[TOOL-516] - CORE - Chrome - Given a response from the SWAT Google Chrome extension, SWAT interprets the response and takes action accordingly
[TOOL-515] - CORE - Chrome - Two-way communication between SWAT and a SWAT Google Chrome extension has been established
[TOOL-520] - CORE - Chrome - AttachToWindow now takes an optional index parameter
[TOOL-518] - CORE - Chrome - An additional communication layer between the background.js and the contentscript.js of the SWAT Google Chrome extension has been implemented
[TOOL-519] - CORE - Chrome - AttachToWindow is implemented to accept a window title and make the corresponding tab the currently active one
[TOOL-569] - CORE - A Slow Down Mode feature has been added to SWAT to allow a user to delay execution in between each command
[TOOL-548] - CORE - Chrome - Chrome is able to find elements using all existing SWAT syntax
[TOOL-560] - CORE - An option has been added to SWAT to automatically close all browsers of the current type before a test executes.
[TOOL-568] - CORE - A SWAT.user.config setting called "DelayBetweenCommands" has been added for use with slow down mode.
[TOOL-529] - CORE - Safari - AttachToWindow is now implemented
[TOOL-499] - CORE - Safari - NavigateBrowser is now implemented
[TOOL-528] - CORE - Safari - CloseBrowser is now implemented
[TOOL-561] - EDITOR - A SWAT.user.config setting called "CloseBrowsersBeforeTestStart" has been added for use with new option to close all browsers before test execution.
[TOOL-570] - EDITOR - Editing of "DelayBetweenCommands" and "CloseBrowsersBeforeTestStart" via the options menu is available
[TOOL-502] - CORE - Safari - GetElementAttribute is now implemented
[TOOL-555] - CORE - Safari - KillAllOpenBrowsers is now implemented
[TOOL-559] - CORE - Safari - BrowserDoesNotExist

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2010-03-10

SWAT 2.17 Released

SWAT 2.17 Release Notes

Functional Defects:

[TOOL-492] - RECORDER - Fixed an error where clicking on a hyperlink while asserting on a specific UltiPro.Net page would still fire the JavaScript event of that element

[TOOL-490] - EDITOR - Fixed an issue where databases on qasetupsql02 were not being located correctly

[TOOL-487] - CORE - IE - AttachToWindow will now be able to attach to a PDF when extensions are being hidden for known file types in Windows... read more

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2010-01-20

SWAT 2.16 Released

SWAT 2.16 Release Notes


CORE - DB - SetQuery now has an optional timeout in seconds.

Functional Defects:

EDITOR - Creating a new file in the editor now auto-focuses to the new file.

CORE - The AssertBrowserExists timeout is now in milliseconds.

CORE - FF - RunScript using JavaScript in Firefox should now correctly interact with a page.

CORE - FF - Nested iframes are now supported by SWAT in Firefox.... read more

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2009-11-12

SWAT 2.15 Released

SWAT 2.15 Release Notes

CORE - IE - SetElementAttribute on a file input box should now be faster and more consistent

CORE - FF - GetWindowTitle now obtains the document title more accurately

CORE - FF - AssertBrowserExists is now working as intended

CORE - StimulateElement once again fires the onchange event on select elements in bridged ASP pages

CORE - The failure message thrown by a screenshot taken through SWAT now is more general... read more

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2009-10-16

SWAT 2.14 Released

Posted by Gunther Taborga 2009-09-21

SWAT 2.11 Released

Here is a list with all the changes:

CORE - IE8 - Run script was not running correctly in IE8.

CORE - IE - Cannot attach to a PDF window in IE7 when using Adobe PDF Reader.

CORE - KillAllOpenBrowsers - FF - Now works properly in firefox.

CORE - KillAllOpenBrowsers - Now waits for the browser process to exit.

CORE - FF - AssertJSDialogContent - Now asserts dialog content properly.

SWAT - CORE - ClickJSDialog, subsequent commands are no longer timing out.... read more

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-05-29

SWAT 2.10 Released

Here is a list with all the changes:

SWAT - Fitnesse - DateFixture is not playing nicely with SWAT variables

SWAT - CORE - DB - Assert DB record exists with Timeout

SWAT - CORE - DB - GetDbDate not saving varaiables correctly

SWAT - EDITOR - Options form is not setting the screenshot mode properly

SWAT - CORE - IE\FF - Set window position passes when there is no window open

SWAT - CORE-IE8-Match Count is not working as expected... read more

Posted by Analia Ibargoyen 2009-05-15

SWAT 2.9 Released

Bug fixes

CORE - Vista\IE8 - Press Keys is now getting the right window handle in IE8.
CORE - Clicking a js dialog that is launched before the page is done loading now works in IE.
CORE - IE ClickJSDialog is now working properly in IE8.
CORE - DB - Assertions against a DB now works as expected with HTML special strings (ie.  )
CORE - Set Element Attribute is now working in IE8 with a file input.
EDITOR\FITNESSE - We can now assert or use a | character in a test by escaping the character using !-pipe-!. More info can be found at
CORE - Onchange event is now being fired correctly in a bridged page.
SWAT - Added an inverse command modifier (<>), to both fitnesse SWATFixture and the editor.
CORE - IE test performance is much better when finding an element by ID without a tagname in IE.
CORE - IE - SWAT now waits for Browser to finish loading more consistently and the amount of time that it waits can be set in the options form.
EDITOR\FITNESSE - If any command modifier comes next to a pipe is no longer removed.
EDITOR - The ?! command modifier now works as expected.
CORE - FF - KillOpenBrowsers now works as expected and without any side effects.
CORE - Lotus notes no longer interferes with SWAT.
CORE - Click JS Dialog fails as expected when no js dialogs are on the screen.
CORE - FF - Special characters now work. Guidelines on how to use SWAT with special characters can be found here read more

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-05-01

SWAT 2.8 Released

Bug Fixes

EDITOR - Opening new tabs in the editor while recording is now disabled
EDITOR - Recorder - Highlighting text in a Text Area is now recorded properly
CORE - IE - Radio buttons are not being selected correctly
EDITOR - Intellisense is now correct for GetElementAttribute
CORE - FF - After using JSClick Dialog the browser now reattaches properly
EDITOR - Attach to window would hang for a very long time in firefox, if there is no window to find. There is now a setting that allows you to set this timeout
CORE -IE - A comprhensive message is now displayed when an event is not supported by an html element
CORE - PressKeys - KeyUp, keyDown, and keyPressed events are now triggered properly when using PressKeys
CORE - Press Keys - Now supports the arrow keys
CORE - FF - Press Keys now works in any frames on the page
CORE - IE - Press Keys now supports all characters... read more

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-04-03

FitServer.exe in SWAT 2.7.2

In the latest SWAT release (2.7.2) we have included the latest version of FitServer.exe with the thread apartment set to STA (Single Thread Apartment). In order to test IE using SWAT in Fitnesse you have to overwrite the FitServer.exe file in "FitnesseDirectory"\Root\fitnesse\dotnet. This issue is well documented in our wiki, for more information go to

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-03-18

SWAT 2.7.2 Released

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with SetWindowPosition not working in IE properly when used after an OpenBrowser command.
ClickJSDialog is now working properly, and is not failing when the parent window is no longer there.
ClickJSDialog now fails as it should when is not able to click the JSDialog button.
Attach to window now ignores the case of the window title in both IE and Firefox
Single quotes are recognized as expected in both IE and Firefox.
Finding an element by ID in Firefox with a different tag name works as it does in IE.
CORE - IE - Press keys is now firing onkeyup event properly
EDITOR - Recorder - Recorder now records Text Areas properly
EDITOR - Recorder - When attempting to attach to a window and running Windows Search in the background, a COMException is thrown.
EDITOR - Recorder - When attempting to record several times in a row a COMException is not thrown anymore
CORE - FF - After closing the jsdialog the browser doesn't report stopped and hangs
CORE - DB - Errors for asserting data by column name give a more comprehensive message
EDITOR - Tests are overridden as expected when the option is set and not overridden when the option is not set
EDITOR - Recorder - Hyphens are replaced by a period
CORE - FF - Press Keys in MbUnit tests works as expected
CORE - FF - Parentheses that are escaped in IE work in FF as expected
CORE - IE - ClickJSDialog is not throwing an error
CORE - FF - SetElementAttribute can now set a select box to "True" or "False"... read more

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-03-18

Solutions to Fitnesse Setup Issue

We have added new Installation and Setup instructions for SWAT and Fitnesse in our wiki page. The new instructions should walk you through installation and setup and help you solve any issues that might come up in the process.

Posted by Analia Ibargoyen 2009-02-13

Update on the known issues

Quick update.

We thing we have solved the issue with the C# problems people are having. When you create an app please make sure the SWAT.Core.Config.xml file is located in the bin directory. We will be updating the docs to make sure everyone knows this.

If you are still having issues please let us know.



Posted by Mike Longin 2009-02-11

Note about the current release

Just wanted to make a quick note about 2 known issues with the current release

1. The fit.dll included seems to have some issues . For now avoid installing it.
2. Running a C# version of SWAT, some commands are not acting as expected.

We are hoping to have both issues resolved by end of day Wednesday.

Feel free to email me or post on the forums for updates.


Posted by Mike Longin 2009-02-10

C# Demo now available

I have added a C# demo to the front page of the fitnesse wiki

Posted by Mike Longin 2009-02-09

Code Camp points available

I have added the code camp powerpoints to the wiki. If you want any additional material feel free to leave a note on the forums.

Posted by Mike Longin 2009-02-07

SWAT 2.7 Released


Recorder doesn't record drop down boxes.
CORE - DB - Error results on db checks are backwards.
EDITOR - Design time variables are not respected by case.
SWAT EDITOR- Multiple variables within one Expression token.
FITNESSE - DB - If there is an error in Compare the test fails.
Core - FF: Not finding elements.
EDITOR - Variables within variables don't get interpreted.
EDITOR/EXPLORER - Still having problems with the refresh.
EDITOR - Ctrl+Tab must be pressed twice to switch tabs.
EDITOR - Paste does not work in the DB that is in the editor.
EDITOR - Removed OuterHTML and OuterXML from the editor.
RunScriptSaveResult was not saving the result properly.... read more

Posted by Jean Rodriguez 2009-02-04

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