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Files removed from the download section

I have removed all previous downloads since they are way out of date. They are from a time when the project was going to be a 2D game. The codebase has since been entirely rewritten to use the OGRE 3D rendering engine.

Furthermore I have made some progress recently and hope to have a functional alpha release ready within the next couple of months. I will post it to the download section at that time. In the meantime feel free to check out the code from the git repository.

Posted by Mike McLean 2013-09-16

Long overdue status update

I have been working on rewriting UBC to be a fully 3D basketball game for the last few years. However, progress has been very slow. The old 0.5.0 alphas are extremely out of date and based on code that is no longer maintained. If you wish to try out the latest code then please use the Git repository. You will need the following in order to build UBC.

  • The OGRE 3D library which can be found at: http://www.ogre3d.org
  • The OgreOggSound library
  • The Bullet physics library
  • BtOgre a wrapper for Bullet and OGRE
  • The MyGUI library
  • CMake... read more
Posted by Mike McLean 2013-02-13

Ultimate Basketball Challenge 0.5.0-alpha 1 released

The first alpha release of Ultimate Basketball Challenge 0.5.0 has been released. Features includes a complete rewrite in C++ using the SDL library.

Posted by Mike McLean 2006-04-29


UBC is in the process of a rewrite in C++. I'll be posting the results shortly

Posted by Mike McLean 2001-08-27